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Chapter 43. My Mailing Lists

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Use My Mailing Lists to view all mailing lists to which you may subscribe and view what types of subscriptions you hold. A Visit List Home link is provided for each list. Click this link if you want to change to a different type of subscription, unsubscribe or view any available list archives. Click the List Name link or arrow if you wan to reverse the order in which lists are displayed. You may also use the Show Lists pulldown list to switch the view from 'All Lists' to 'My Subscriptions Only' and back again as desired.

Use the My Mailing Lists page to:

  • View all mailing lists available to you, a description of each list and your subscription status for each list.

  • Access the Mailing List Home page for a specific list to change your subscription or to view the list archives, if any are available for this list.

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