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Appendix H. Newsletter

ezmlm-make argument string = aBdFgHiJkLmNopQRSTUWXYZ

Common Uses

This List Type is designed for mailing lists that publish announcements to the public. Information tends to flow one way, as opposed to a discussion group, but unlike the Announce Only List Type which is also a one way List Type, the Newsletter is open to public submissions, sending all posts to moderators. In this way it is like the Moderated Public Discussion, and in fact, these List Types have identical configurations.

The reason that there are two essentially identical List Types is that List Types need to be named in a way that makes it obvious how they should be used, and this kind of configuration can serve two very different use cases. A discussion list is likely to be moderated by users who are participating in the discussion whereas a newsletter is often moderated by administrators or the marketing team. The newsletter will have a few key people posting most of the information that is going to be published through the list, such as members of the organization's marketing team, plus a smattering of information submitted by other contributors. The moderation strategy will be to accept posts from core contributors then cherry pick contributions from people outside this group.

The moderated public discussion will be more inclusive, accepting messages from a larger pool of contributors and providing more of a mix. The moderation strategy will be to review and include as many messages as time allows.

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Posting Access

This List Type uses the -mOU combination in the ezmlm-make argument string so that anyone can submit posts for moderation, but all posts are moderated. Every post sent to the list is forwarded to the moderation queue unless the sender is on the Deny Subscriber List.

Table H.1. Newsletter Posting Access

List User Level Action
Moderator moderate
Subscriber (Regular or Digest) moderate
Public moderate
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Subscription Access

The Newsletter List Type allows anyone to subscribe directly. Lists based on this type accept public subscription requests and allow the public to access the archives via ezmlm address commands.

Table H.2. Newsletter Subscription Access

Setting Conditions
Email Subscriptions
Subscribe via Email? Yes
Web Availability
Public The organization may want to display links to this list in a customized Public Area of the website to maximize public subscription.
Account Holders Only This setting is appropriate when the organization wants to encourage list users to apply for accounts or prefers to keep the mailing list somewhat private. (This List Type is open to public email subscription commands.)
Subscribers Only Not appropriate (This List Type is open to public email subscription commands.)
Administrators Only Not appropriate unless the list is being kept hidden prior to intial rollout or is being decommissioned (This List Type is open to public email subscription commands.)
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Newsletter Archive Access

Table H.3. Newsletter Archive Access

Setting Conditions
Email Archive Retrieval
Messages saved for subscriber retrieval (-aBg) Subscribers have access to the raw ezmlm-idx message archives via email archive retrieval commands. This allows subscribers to retrieve plain text messages only. Email archive retrieval commands from public senders are rejected.
Web Archive Visibility
NO Web Archives Use this setting if the mailing list doesn't need Web archives. This is more commonly used in public lists than private lists, but archives are often useful because they tend to encourage potential members to visit the organization's website.
Public This setting can be used but some customization is required. Most organizations prefer to use the 'Account Holders Only' setting as an enticement to encourage mailing list users to acquire accounts. Can be used only if Web Availability is set to 'Public'.
Account Holders Only This is the favorite setting for most moderated public discussions because it entices public list users to acquire accounts. Can be used if Web Availability is set to 'Public' or 'Account Holders Only'.
List Subscribers This setting can be used if Web Availability is set to 'Public', 'Account Holders Only' or 'Subscribers Only'.
Administrators Only Can be used temporarily to hide the Web-based archives, but subscribers will still be able to retrieve messages from the raw archives via email commands.
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