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Appendix O. Posting Access

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When a mailing list receives a message that has been submitted for posting it applies posting rules set in the List Type—specifically how the MOUY combination is set— based on which Subscriber Lists the sender is on.

Posting Actions

These are the actions that a mailing list can apply when it receives a message for posting.



The message is sent directly to the list.


The message is sent to the moderation queue to await moderator review and action. The message will only be sent to the mailing list if a moderator or administrator accepts it for posting.


The message is automatically deleted and may fail silently.

Posting Access Matrix

This table shows what action the mailing list takes when it receives a message from a sender at a certain subscriber level based on which Subscriber Lists the sender is on. 'DNE' indicates this Subscriber List does not exist for a given List Type.

Table O.1. Posting Access Matrix

MOUY combination MU mOU mOuY Mu mOuy moU
Default List Type Public Discussion Moderated Public Discussion, Newsletter Moderated Private Discussion Closed Private Discussion Moderated Subscribers-Only Discussion Announce Only
Moderator Subscriber List DNE moderate post DNE moderate moderate
Regular or Digest Subscriber List post moderate post post moderate reject
Allow Subscriber List DNE DNE post post moderate DNE
Cross-Poster DNE DNE post post moderate DNE
Public (Not Subscribed) post moderate moderate reject reject reject
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