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Appendix J. Query-driven Announcements

ezmlm-make argument string = aBdFghijkLmNoPQRsTUWXYZ

Common Uses

This default List Type is configured to support Dynamic Members Mailing Lists. It is essentially the same as the Announce Only List Type, except that it doesn't send email subscription confirmation messages (the -h and -j options are set in the ezmlm-make argument string), since Dynamic Members Mailing Lists subscribers are selected from the Kavi Members database by a query.

For more information, see the Concepts document on All About Dynamic Members Mailing Lists.


Dynamic lists behave quite differently from other kinds of mailing lists, and this List Type is designed exclusively for these kinds of lists and should not be used for regular KMLM lists, since subscription confirmation is disabled. Subscription confirmation is a very desirable thing for any list that accepts email subscription commands, because it protects your organization and its members against email abuse.

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Posting Access

This list uses the most restrictive type of posting access configuration (-moU combination) so that all posts are moderated and only moderators are allowed to post. Messages that originate from envelope sender addresses that aren't on the Moderator Subscriber List are automatically rejected.

Table J.1. Query-driven Announcements Posting Access

Subscriber Level Action
Moderator moderate
Subscriber (Regular or Digest) reject
Public reject
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Subscription Access

The subscription process is handled automatically in Dynamic Members Mailing Lists, so subscribers cannot be added by users or administrators, even through Kavi Mailing List Manager webtools. There are some exceptions, as described in All About Dynamic Members Mailing Lists.

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Query-driven Announcements Archive Access

Archives are disabled by default, and are rarely enabled for Dynamic Members Mailing Lists.

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