Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 65. Subscriber Report


The Subscriber Report tool is used to generate a report of all email addresses subscribed to a particular mailing list and the Subscription Type held by each subscriber. All current subscribers are displayed, including those who were added through Kavi® Mailing List Manager tools as well as those who subscribed by email (if the list allows public subscriptions).

Use the Subscriber Report tool to:

  • Generate and view a mailing list subscriber report.

  • Download this mailing list subscriber report.

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How to Use Subscriber Report


Select the mailing list whose subscriber report you want to generate and click Select. To search for a mailing list by name, enter a full or partial list name in the text box and click Search. You may also reverse the order in which lists are displayed by clicking the List Name column heading or change the number of lists displayed per page by resetting the Results per Page pull-down list and clicking Change. If this list has inactive subscribers, a link to the Inactive Subscriber Report tool is displayed.

View Report

The subscriber report for this mailing list is displayed. You may filter the report by Subscription Type by selecting the desired subscription types in the pulldown box and clicking Search. Click View Another if you would like to generate another subscriber report.


List Name

The name of this mailing list.


Download this report as a .csv (comma-separated values) datafile that you can open and view with any spreadsheet application.


To filter the results, use the pull-down list to set your criteria and click Search.

Email Address

An email address subscribed to this mailing list (or more specifically, an email that appears on one or more of this mailing list's Subscriber Lists). Click the column heading if you want to see the results sorted by email address. Click again if you want them displayed in reverse order.

Subscription Type

The Subscription Type shows which of this mailing list's Subscriber Lists this email address is subscribed to. An email address can be subscribed to more than one Subscriber List, so it can be associated with more multiple Subscription Types (e.g., an email address belonging to a mailing list moderator could be subscribed as a 'Moderator' so that moderation requests can be handled through this email address, and as a 'Regular Subscriber' so messages posted to the mailing list are sent to this address). Click the column heading if you want to see the results sorted by Subscription Type. Click again to have them displayed in reverse order.

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