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Chapter 84. Synchronize Lists


The Synchronize Lists tool is used to synchronize KaviŽ application databases with the ezmlm Subscriber Lists for one or more mailing lists. Many mailing lists allow users to add or remove subscriptions by ezmlm email commands. These commands directly affect the ezmlm Subscriber Lists, but the changes aren't immediately propagated to the Kavi Mailing List Manager or KaviŽ Members databases for performance reasons. Instead, database synchronization is handled by batch operations. By default, synchronization operations run automatically on a nightly basis (in the server's local time zone), but the Synchronize Lists tool can be used to synchronize databases with the updated Subscriber Lists as the need arises.

On the other hand, when an account holder changes their email address through Kavi Members tools, the Kavi Mailing List Manager database and ezmlm Subscriber Lists are updated immediately.

This tool can be used when a lot of new subscriptions have been added by email because of a promotional campaign and you want account holders to be able to access their new subscriptions through the My Mailing Lists page.

Subscriber information storage:

Kavi Members database

Subscription information is stored in the Kavi Members database if the subscriber is an account holder. Changes made through Kavi Members tools are automatically propagated to the Kavi Mailing List Manager database and ezmlm Subscriber Lists.

Kavi Mailing List Manager database

If the subscriber does not have a Kavi Members account, subscription information is stored in the Kavi Mailing List Manager database. These subscribers are classified as Public Subscribers and may be added by administrators through Kavi Mailing List Manager tools or by a subscriber using ezmlm email commands (if the List Type is configured to accept email subscribe commands).

Ezmlm Subscriber Lists

If email commands are used to subscribe or unsubscribe an email address, the information is captured in the ezmlm subscription lists only. The changes are eventually propagated to the Kavi Members database (if the email address is listed in the Kavi Members database) or the Kavi Mailing List Manager database (if the email address isn't in the Kavi Members database).

Use the Synchronize Lists tool to:

Immediately synchronize Subscriber Lists for a selected mailing list or all mailing lists with the Kavi Members and Kavi Mailing List Manager databases.

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How to Synchronize Lists


Select the list you would like to synchronize or select 'All Lists', then click Synchronize.


You have just updated the databases with information from the ezmlm Subscription Lists! These subscriptions can now be accessed through Kavi Mailing List Manager tools.

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