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Chapter 114. Add a Role


The Add a Role tool is used to create new roles specific to this organization for use in role-protected access on the organization's website.

For more information on roles, see the Manage Roles page help in the Super Admin section.


If you are an administrator and want to create a protected area, Kavi Groups tools are your best bet as they allow you to create protected areas automatically without the need to add roles or write any code. The creation of role-protected areas beyond the level supported by Kavi Groups tools is nontrivial, requiring some code-writing skills to establish.

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How to Add a Role


Provide a name and description for the role you want to add.


The name of the new role. This name must be unique.

It is recommended that role names be all lower-case to help differentiate them from custom access types with similar names. For example, an organization with a steering committee adds a steering committee area to their web site. To provide access to this area, a custom role named 'steering' is added. Then its counterpart, an access type named 'Steering' is added and associated with this role, so that this access type can be assigned to all steering committee members to grant access to the steering committee area.


A textual description of the role and the kind of access it provides.


You've just added a new role!

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