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Chapter 160. Add an Activity Type


The Add an Activity Type tool allows you to create new activity types specific to your organization as required. These activity types will then be available in addition to the set of default activity types provided by Kavi Members.

Activity Types are used in Activity Histories to indicate the nature of an event recorded in the activity history. Whenever a Kavi Members tool performs a task that changes a company or user record in the Kavi Members database, the change is recorded in the Full Activity Log and activity history tables and a default Activity Type (e.g., 'Added,' 'Edited,' 'Renewed,' etc.) is automatically assigned. When an administrator manually creates an Activity Note to add to a company or user activity history, the administrator may manually assign a custom Activity Type to this Activity Record.

Once an activity type is added and used in an activity record, it becomes permanently available in all activity history searches and reports, even if it is later edited or deleted.

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How to Add an Activity Type


Provide the name and description of this activity type, then click Save.


The name assigned to the activity type.


A short textual description of the activity type.


You have just added an activity type!

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