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Chapter 155. Add an Email Template


The Add an Email Template tool is used to create custom email templates for use in Kavi Members email tools. Email templates may be scheduled to be sent automatically via the Manage Email Schedule tool when a certain kind of event occurs. Administrators can also use the Manage Email Schedule tool to manage a template associated with a scheduled email. Administrators can manually generate template-based email via the Send Template Blast to Company Representatives or Send Template Blast to Users tools.

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How to Add an Email Template

Select the event that the email is about, then set template details. After you have previewed your template, click Save.


Read the instructions displayed on the tool page and select the object that lists the event this email is about. For more information, see What Is this Email About?.


Set the template name, provide a subject line and compose a message. Click Preview to see how an email based on your template will look.

Template Name

Enter a name for your template.


Enter the value you want to appear in the Subject field of email based on this template. You may use any of the variables listed in the 'Variables' section of the tool page.


Enter the message you want to appear in the body of the email. You may use any of the variables listed in the 'Variables' section.


A list of available variables. For more information, see Template Variables.


Your template is displayed with real values substituted for variables so you can see how your template will look. If you want to view it with a different set of values or have any changes to make, click the Back button, then click Next when you are ready to return to the Preview step. Click Save when you are ready to save your template.


Your template has been saved and is immediately ready for use in the Manage Scheduled Email and template blast tools. Click Add Another if you want to add another email template.

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