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Chapter 82. Add User Activity Record


The Add User Activity Record tool allows administrators to add an activity record to a user's activity history. This activity record is accessible only to administrators.

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How to Add a User Activity Record

Depending on the path you took to this tool, you may have already performed the Search and Select steps. For tips on using the search tools, see the page help for the Manage a User tool.


Provide the information you would like to add to this activity record, then click Add. Certain fields are prefilled, including 'Origination' and 'Submitter's Username'.


The date of the event to which this activity record pertains. This defaults to the current date, but if you are adding an activity record for an event that happened in the past, such as a comment explaining a change that was already made to this user's information, you may set this value to the date that the information was changed.


Automatically set to Admin Addition.

Submitter's Username

Automatically set to the username of the user entering the record.


The full name of this user is displayed.

Activity Type

Select from one of several default activity types (e.g., 'Comment', 'Edit', 'Reminder'), or an activity type specific to this organization.

Activity Note

Add an Activity Note to this user's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, so they become a part of the User Activity History, which is only viewable through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools.


You've just added an activity note to this user's activity history! Click Add Another to add another activity record.

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