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Chapter 33. Membership Auto-Renewal


Members are more likely to renew quickly and successfully if memberships are automatically renewed and billed before the end of the current membership term. If membership auto-renewal is enabled, the renewal process is automatically initiated before current memberships expire to maintain uninterrupted member access and a continuous membership history. Email notices containing links to pay membership bills can be scheduled to go out automatically to make membership renewal as convenient and streamlined as possible for the organization and its members.

Auto-renewal is set on a per-membership-type basis and is highly configurable. It can be set to renew memberships as they expire or a specified amount of time prior to expiration. Memberships can be auto-renewed with the current membership type, or can be configured to be renewed with a different membership type if your organization offers introductory memberships or is phasing out one membership type in favor of another. If auto-renewal is enabled, the Organization Admin can disable auto-renewal for members as needed. An additional opt-out can be enabled to allow membership applicants to opt-out of auto-renewal.

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How the Auto-Renewal Process Works

Auto-renewal merely initiates the renewal process. Otherwise the membership follows the normal membership type workflow, including any billing and moderation steps. If the membership is billed, a bill is issued but the member's credit card is NOT automatically charged. If the membership is moderated, it is sent to the moderation queue. If there are no billing or moderation steps, auto-renewed memberships are approved immediately. If the member would prefer to renew at a different level, the new membership can be deleted or replaced by an administrator.

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Configuring Auto-Renewal

Rules that govern the membership renewal workflow are primarily configured in the membership type, including those that specifically apply to auto-renewals. If the membership type is billed, there are options in the Configure Global Membership Applications tool that are used to set high-level rules that apply to all billed memberships. Depending on how a certain option is set, the membership may become current regardless of whether the bill is paid or not. There is also the option to specify the order of the billing and moderation steps, which applies only if your membership types are both billed and moderated.

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Enabling Auto-Renewal

When adding new membership types through Add a Company Membership Type or Add an Individual Membership Type, or when editing existing membership types through Edit a Company Membership Type or Edit an Individual Membership Type, the Automatically Renew Memberships option can be set to enable auto-renewal. When auto-renewal is enabled, there are three other configuration options that apply: Initiate Auto-Renewal is used to set whether the renewal occurs on or before the expiration date of the old membership, Auto-Renew With is used to select the new membership type, and Allow Auto-Renewal Membership Opt-out is used to enable opt-out on membership application forms.

Scheduling the Auto-Renewal Process

The Auto-Renew With option can be set to initiate auto-renewal process as the current membership expires or before it expires. If memberships are billed or moderated, the renewal process could be scheduled for a month or two in advance of the expiration date to allow adequate time for the billing and moderation steps. If there aren't any billing or moderation steps, the membership could simply be renewed on the expiration date.

Member Opt-Out

If the Allow Auto-Renewal Membership Opt-out option is set to 'yes', an opt-out option is presented on the membership application form that applicants can use to opt-out of auto-renewal if they wish. Even if applicants aren't allowed to opt-out directly, the Organization Admin can set an opt-out option through membership editing tools.

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How Opt-Outs Work

The Organization Admin can always disable auto-renewal for a member by setting an option in Edit a Company Membership or Edit an Individual Membership. The Auto-Renewal Opt-Out option is available in the same area as the Renewal Intentions and Renewal Comments options. If the member expresses an intention not to renew, the administrator can set both the Renewal Intention and Opt-Out options so that the membership isn't auto-renewed. The administrator can add a note to the Renewal Comments box if further explanation is needed.

If member opt-out is enabled, membership applicants can set this option on the membership application form, but if an administrator later sets the opt-out option to a different value, the option set by the administrator overrides the option set by the member.

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