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Chapter 34. Billed Memberships

Integration with Kavi® Billing

When Kavi Billing is installed, Kavi Membership coordinates Kavi Members with Kavi Billing to create bills automatically and present membership applicants with online invoices for new and renewed memberships. The membership fee and proration is set in the Kavi Members membership type. Kavi Billing takes care of formatting the bill and receipt, sending billing email, and providing payment instructions for applicants and members. The billing system can also be connected to Kavi® Commerce to process credit card membership payments online.

For more information on the billing component, see Kavi Billing Online Help and Kavi Commerce Online Help.

Figure 34.1. Example membership billing process: quick

Diagram showing how Kavi Members and Kavi Billing interact to issue membership bills.

When using Kavi Commerce, a membership applicant may be able to apply for a membership, pay online and receive a password—all within just a few minutes.

Figure 34.2. Example membership billing process: extended

Diagram showing how Kavi Members and Kavi Billing interact to issue membership bills in a moderated signup process.

If membership applications are moderated, and membership bills paid using manually processed payment methods, there may be a considerable amount of time between the day the member first applies and the day the membership finally becomes current.

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Billed Membership Workflow Configuration

If any of your organization's memberships are billed, rules for the billing step in the membership workflow are set in Configure Global Membership Applications. These settings only apply to billed membership types because membership types that aren't billed automatically pass the Billing step.

Whatever rules are set here should be spelled out in the Eligibility text for billed membership types so that information about the membership acquisition process is available to membership applicants.

Super Admins can click here to visit the Configure Global Membership Applications tool.

Strict or Relaxed Bill Payment Policy

The option 'Wait for Bills to Be Paid' can be set to enforce bill payment as a strict precondition for membership application processing or set more relaxed rules that allow memberships to be processed even though bills aren't paid. The setting has different implications depending on whether the membership type is moderated or not.

If memberships are billed but not moderated, the order of the billing and moderation steps doesn't matter, since unmoderated membership types automatically pass the moderation step. In this case, the option 'Wait for Bills to Be Paid' is the only option that affects membership application and renewal processes. If bill payment is strictly enforced, unpaid applications sit in the queue until deleted by administrators using the Company Membership Applications or Individual Membership Applications tools. Under the relaxed rules, memberships proceed immediately to the 'Approved' state regardless of bill payment. Members with delinquent bills can continue to enjoy full access and membership benefits indefinitely. When relaxed billing rules are used, automated methods of enforcing payment are disabled, so the responsibility of enforcing payment passes to administrators. Administrators can use Kavi Billing reports to identify members with outstanding bills.

If billing is used in tandem with moderation and the moderation step occurs after the billing step, human moderators can decide whether non-payment of a bill is grounds for delaying application approval or denying the application outright. If the moderation step occurs first and the relaxed payment policy is used, administrators have to checkup on members some period of time after memberships become current to identify those with delinquent accounts and manually enforce any consequences such as deactivation.

Configuring Billed and Moderated Workflow

If your organization has billed memberships but doesn't moderate any of its memberships, then the Global Membership Process settings in the Configure Global Membership Applications tool don't matter. But if any of your organization's membership types are billed and moderated, the order in which these steps occur needs to be configured to fit the organization's membership rules and requirements. Note that new memberships and renewed memberships are configured separately.

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Membership Fees, Proration, Refunds and Cancellations

Membership fees and proration rules are set in the membership type. Each membership type can have a different membership fee, and some may be free. Membership fees may be prorated under certain circumstances.

Fee Proration

If a membership type is billed and uses the Annual Fixed Term or Fixed Dates duration, the membership fee can be prorated for new members who join midterm. When proration is enabled, Kavi Members calculates prorated fees on a daily basis and presents this information to the administrator who is managing the membership, but the administrator sets the actual value manually. Many organizations use different rules to determine the prorated amount, so the administrator must follow the organizations rules to calculate the correct value offline, or customized proration rules must be installed if the value is to be set automatically.

Example 34.1. Prorated Membership Fee

A Board membership term is from January 1 through December 31, and costs $2000. Company A applies for Board membership and is issued a membership bill on February 2. Assuming fees are prorated on a daily basis, Company A must pay $1825 to acquire its Board membership. Company A's Board membership will be good from February 2 through December 31.

When Company A renews its board membership the next year, the membership fee will not be prorated, even if the company allows its membership to lapse before renewing.

Managing Refunds and Cancellations

Admin Area tools used to manage memberships display a link to manage membership bills for every fee-based membership. If an administrator needs to issue a full or partial refund for a membership bill that has already been paid, clicking the link to manage the bill will take the administrator to tools used to issue refunds or cancel the bill altogether. If the bill was paid online with a credit card recently, the credit card transaction may still be available in the system. In this case, a refund automatically issues a credit to the members credit card.

Cancelling or refunding a bill for a membership does not change the membership. If the membership or membership application needs to be edited or deleted in conjunction with cancelling or refunding the bill, the administrator needs to do this separately using Kavi Members company, user or membership application management tools.

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Configuring Membership Fees and Proration

The most challenging aspect of billed memberships is understanding workflow configuration. The fields used to set fees and enable proration are quite simple. When Kavi Billing is installed, a 'Billing Information' section is displayed in tools used to configure membership types. Options in this section are used to set the membership fee, optionally enter a description to be printed on the membership bill and if the membership duration has fixed dates, enable proration. These fields are left blank for free membership types.

Super Admins can click here to visit the Manage Company Membership Types or Manage Individual Membership Types tools.

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