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Chapter 173. Change a Company's Purpose


Change a Company's Purpose is a powerful tool that allows Super Admins to change which Company Purpose is assigned to a company in the KaviŪ Members database. Changing Company Purpose tends to have a broad range of effects on a company and every user who belongs to the company.

When Company Purpose changes, users may be simultaneously assigned a new User Purpose and a different set of types. Since types control access, user access may change. Users who are logged in at the moment the change occurs may see familiar fields disappear or find themselves suddenly locked out of an area that they accessed a moment ago. Depending on what kind of changes you anticipate, you may want to give users some advance warning to minimize unnecessary confusion and support requests. The 'Preview' step displays any changes in types and User Purpose so you can review this information before committing these changes.


Changes in purposes and types can be dramatic, especially if a Member Company is changed to another Company Purpose, as explained in the following section. Be sure you understand the consequences of changing Company Purpose before committing any change.

Company Purpose Change Results

Here is an overview of what happens when you change a company from one Company Purpose to another. When you use the Change a Company's Purpose tool, a list of specific changes that will occur is provided on the Preview step (i.e., changes in types, User Purpose, memberships). Be sure to review this information before committing your change.

See How to Change Purpose in the Concepts section for a list of Supported Company Purpose Changes.

General Changes

  • The company is switched to the selected Company Purpose, and if the company's users have an incompatible User Purpose, they are automatically switched to a new, compatible User Purpose.

  • Company Types that are not compatible with the new Company Purpose are removed and default types for the new Company Purpose are assigned.

  • User Types and Contact Types that are not compatible with the new User Purpose are removed and default types for the new User Purpose are assigned.

  • If the old Company Purpose w

Switching Member Company to Another Purpose

Changing a Member Company to a different Company Purpose has significant and permanent effects.

  • All company memberships are deleted — historical as well as current. If you have a Member Company that is being downgraded to a Nonmember Company and want to retain the membership history, you could create a duplicate company with a different purpose, then use the Upload Data tool to download users from the old company and upload them to the new company. To connect the two records, you could add an Activity Note to the new company's Activity History to reference the deactivated version of the company.

  • If the company has a Billing Account, an error message is displayed. This Billing Account must be deleted through Kavi Billing Admin Tools before the Company Purpose can be changed.

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How to Change Company Purpose

Select the company, select the new Company Purpose.

Depending on the path you took to this tool, you may have already performed the Search and Select steps. For tips on searching, see the page help for the Manage a Company tool.

Option Description
Company Name Enter a full or partial value for the company name. The search has partial match capabilities, so if you've entered the full name and didn't retrieve the information you seek, try entering a partial name to account for differences in spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, etc.
Status Set this value to search for companies with this status type. This can be 'Active' or 'Inactive', or use the default value 'Any Status' to retrieve both active and inactive companies.
Purpose et this value to search for companies with a specific purpose. If set to the default, 'Any Purpose', the search results will return companies with any 'Purpose'.
Company Type Select a Company Type to retrieve companies with this type only, or use the default value 'All Company Types' to retrieve all types of companies.

Select Company

Select the company whose purpose you want to change.

Select Purpose

Select the new Company Purpose.


The company name, current purpose and new purpose are displayed along with a list of other changes that will happen in Kavi Members as a result of this change of purpose. Be sure to review the information in the 'What Will Happen' field before clicking Change Purpose.


You've just changed this company's purpose! All changes go into effect immediately.

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