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Chapter 174. Change a User's Purpose


Change a User's Purpose is used to change which User Purpose is assigned to a user in the Kavi® Members database. Since the user must belong to a company whose Company Purpose is compatible, the user may be assigned to another company. When the User Purpose changes, types that are compatible with the old purpose are stripped and any default types for the new purpose are assigned. This may include User Types as well as Contact Types.


Changes in purposes and types can be dramatic, especially if an Individual Member is changed to another User Purpose, as explained in the following section. Be sure you understand the consequences of changing User Purpose before committing any change.

User Purpose Change Results

Here is an overview of what happens when you change a user from one User Purpose to another. When you use the Change a User's Purpose tool, a list of specific changes that will occur is provided on the Preview step (i.e., changes in types, User Purpose, memberships). Be sure to review this information before committing your change.

See How to Change Purpose in the Concepts section for a list of Supported User Purpose Changes.

General Changes

  • The user is switched to the selected User Purpose. In most cases, you have to select a new company with a compatible purpose.

  • User Types and Contact Types that are not compatible with the new User Purpose are removed and default types for the new User Purpose are assigned.

Switching an Individual Member to Another Purpose

Changing a Member User to a different User Purpose has significant and permanent effects.

  • All user memberships are deleted — historical as well as current. If you have a Member User that is being downgraded to a Nonmember User and want to retain the membership history, you could create a duplicate user with a different purpose, then use the Upload Data tool to download users from the old user and upload them to the new user. To connect the two records, you could add an Activity Note to the new user's Activity History to reference the deactivated version of the user.

  • If the user has a Billing Account, an error message is displayed. This Billing Account must be deleted through Kavi Billing Admin Tools before the User Purpose can be changed.

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How to Change User Purpose

Retrieve and select the user, then select the new User Purpose. Once the User Purpose is selected, you can use the Show Matching Companies Only button to narrow the list of available companies. Select the company for this user, preview the changes and if you are satisfied with these changes, click Change Purpose to commit the changes to the Kavi Members database.


Use the provided fields to set search criteria. For faster searches, set multiple search criteria to retrieve a narrowed set of results. When multiple fields are set, the results only include users who match all search criteria. If your search doesn't return the results you seek, use the Back button to return to the Search step and broaden your criteria by entering partial values in name or email fields or setting fields with drop-down lists back to the default values. If a field is set to the default value, the search results are not restricted by that criteria.

Select User

Select the user whose purpose you want to change.

Select Purpose

Select the new User Purpose. Now if you click the Show Matching Companies Only button, the list of available companies only shows companies with a compatible purpose. Select the appropriate company and click Preview.


The user name, current purpose, current company, new purpose and new company are displayed. The What Will Happen field presnts a list of other changes that will happen in Kavi Members as a result of this change of purpose. Be sure to review this information before clicking Change Purpose.


You've just changed this user's purpose! All changes go into effect immediately.

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