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Chapter 168. Clone a Report


The Clone a Report tool provides a quick and easy way to create a new report based on a report that already exists. In the Report Builder tool, select whichever default or custom report is most similar to the report you want to create, then click 'Clone'. Once you've cloned the report, use the Edit a Report tool to customize it according to your requirements.

If you are not familiar with the Report Builder tool, visit the Report Builder page help for more information.

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How to Clone a Report


Select the Report you want to clone from the list displayed in the Report Builder and click the 'Clone' link. You've just added a cloned report. Click Back to Report Builder and find your cloned report in the list. It will be named after the report you cloned, with the words 'Clone of' inserted in front of the base report name. For example, if you cloned the User Data Report, the clone would be named 'Clone of User Data Report'. Click the 'Manage' link adjacent to the report to be taken to the Manage a Report tool. Click the 'Edit' link, give the report a more appropriate name and begin customizing it as desired.

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