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Chapter 68. Company Activity Log


The Company Activity Log tool is used to create customized views and reports of changes made to company data: who made the change, when the change occurred and which fields were changed. It provides more detailed information about data changes than the Company Activity History tool, such as the names of all changed database fields. Information displayed in the Company Activity Log results table is derived from the Full Activity Log, where all changes to the database are automatically recorded, but the Company Activity Log only includes changes made to company data.

Customized reports are created by setting search criteria, including the company and the period of time during which the data changes occurred.

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Using the Company Activity Log


Set any of the optional fields to refine the search criteria. To view all available company activity log information, leave the search fields set to the defaults.


Select the name of the company whose activity log you want to see. The default value is All Companies.

After This Time

Use this field to set a point in time. The report will include only those changes logged after the time specified.

Before This Time

Use this field to set a point in time. The report will include only those changes logged before the time specified.


The time fields can be used together to specify a bounded time range beginning at the time set in the After This Time field and ending at the time set in the Before This Time field.


A customized Company Activity Log report is displayed according to your search criteria. Click the Download button if you want to download this information.

Frequently there will be more than one entry (or lines in the report) for an individual company created at the same time. This indicates the user data change affected more than one database table. Many Members tools change data in multiple tables simultaneously. For instance, the Edit a Company tool can change information in both the company database table and address database table.

The report displays the following columns:


The date and time of the change.

Who Changed

The username of the user who initiated the change. If this is 'Anonymous User', the change was made from a publicly accessible page, such as 'Sign Up for an Account' or 'Password Help'.

What Was Done

Indicates the type of change that was logged. This can be 'added', 'edited' or 'deleted'.

Which Company

The name of the company whose information was changed.

Which Fields

The name of each field in the database that was changed in this company's record. If more than one table in the database was affected by the change, this information will be contained in multiple rows in the report.

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