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Appendix C. Predefined Company Data Fields

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How to Read this Table

How to Read this Table

Kavi Members tracks your organization's company, user and membership information. Data is added to the Kavi Members database through signup and membership application forms, Admin Tools or through the Upload Data tool in the Super Admin Area. Kavi Members database includes an extensive set of predefined data fields.

Field variables displayed in this table are used in the Upload Data tool. Slightly different versions of these variables are used for column headings in reports and email template variables. In the data reports these field names are prepended by 'company_' to distinguish them from similarly named company or membership fields. Email template variables are usually prepended by '$c_'.

Fields may be required by the Kavi Members database or the Upload Data process, as shown in the Required column. Each field description includes information about when it is required (if ever), descriptions of how it is used and any default value that is assigned automatically if the field is empty or the column is omitted from a data file when a company or user record is uploaded. Upload Notes provide hints on adding or editing this field in a data upload operation.


Your organization is likely to use custom fields that aren't documented in the help.

Table C.1. Company Data Fields



Required Description

Accepted Domains


Upload Data: No. Database: Configuration dependent.

Members must be configured to check accepted domains for this field to be available.

Company-based and mixed organizations:

A member company's accepted domains can be used to verify that company representatives who sign up for accounts are employees of the company by checking the company representative's email address against this list.

If accepted domains are enforced for this site, be sure to add a comma-delimited list of accepted domains for each company or the company will NOT be available on the Company Representative Signup form.

To see whether accepted domains are enforced, Super Admins may view the settings for the 'Check Accepted Domains' option in the Configure Company Representative Signup tool. If this is set to any option except 'Never check domains', then this site enforces accepted domains on signup.

Individual-Based Organizations:

This field is not available for individual based organizations.

Company Image or Logo



An image or logo in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format, no more than 20k in size and no larger than 200 x 200 pixels. Images can be displayed in company rosters and directories. Kavi Members must be configured to collect company images for this field to be available.

Upload Note:

This field cannot be modified using the Upload Data tool.

Company Type


Upload Data: No. Database: No.

Available Company Types include Kavi Members default types as well as custom types specific to the organization. If the organization offers memberships for companies, most of the Company Types will be assigned automatically through Company Membership Types. Company Types designated as 'default' will be automatically assigned.

Upload Note:

Company Types are not required by the Upload Data tool, but there are situations where you should assign Company Types on upload, such as when you want to classify the company by type or confer roles and privileges. You don't need to add types in the category 'General (through membership only)'—even if you are adding memberships—because these are assigned automatically as the memberships pass through the membership workflow.

Deactivation Date



If a company has been deactivated, this field shows the date and time at which their status changed from 'active' to 'inactive' (in YYYY/MM/DD format). This applies only if the company's status is currently 'inactive'. If a company's status is set to 'inactive', then back to 'active', this field is cleared of the deactivated date.

Upload Note:

This field cannot be modified using the Upload Data tool.

Display Publicly


Upload Data: No. Database: Yes.

Available options are 1 ('Yes, share this company's information') or 0 ('No, do NOT share this company's information').

Upload Note:

Defaults to '1' if not specified when adding companies.

Item Key


Upload Data: No if upload_action is Add, Yes if upload_action is Edit or Delete. Database: Yes.

A unique identifier automatically assigned by Kavi Members to each company's record in the database. Every database record in Kavi Members has an item key.

Upload Note:

The 'company.csv' template that Super Admins download to add companies to the database omits this column because it isn't required for Add operations. To edit or delete a company from the database through the Upload Data tool, the company record must have a valid, Kavi Members-generated key in the 'item_key' field.

Last Modified


Upload Data: No. Database: Yes.

The most recent date and time a company's information changed. Every record in the Kavi Members database includes a last modified date. The database automatically updates this value every time it commits a change to the company record.

Upload Note:

This field is set automatically by the database and cannot be modified using the Upload Data tool.



Upload Data: Yes. Database: Yes.

The company's purpose. The set of available Company Purposes depends on configuration. All sites include 'Staff Company' by default. Company-based or mixed organizations with membership enabled will include 'Member Company'. 'Nonmember Company' is present only if the 'Nonmember Tracking' option is enabled. Individual-based or mixed organizations also include 'Company for Individual Members'.

Upload Note:

Company Purpose is a required field for Add operations. If the company's purpose is not specified in the data file used for Edit operations and the database field is empty, this value defaults to 'Member Company'.

Show on Signup Form


Upload Data: No. Database: No.

Available options are 1 ('Yes, show this company on the company representative signup form') or 0 ('No, do NOT show this company on the signup form'). The '1' value only applies to companies with a purpose of 'Member Company' or 'Company for Individuals'. Nonmember Companies and Staff Companies are not displayed on signup forms.

Upload Note:

Defaults to 1 if not specified.

Signup Date


Upload Data: No. Database: Yes.

The date the company was first added to the database or became affiliated with the organization (in YYYY/MM/DD format). The signup date helps record an important event in the history of the relationship between the user and the organization.

Upload Note:

You can provide a specific date if the company is already affiliated with the organization at the time their record is being added to the database, or leave it blank so it is automatically set to the current date.



Upload Data: No. Database: Yes.

This value is either 'active' or 'inactive'. Users who belong to active companies are able to login to protected areas of the website if they are also active and have acquired roles that grant access. Users who belong to inactive companies are automatically set to inactive, so they are unable to login.

Upload Note:

Defaults to 'active' if not specified when adding companies.

Upload Action


Upload Data: Yes. Database: No.

This column doesn't exist in the database, but is required by the Upload Data tool and is always added to data files as they are prepared for upload.

Upload Note:

This value indicates the type of upload operation to be performed on a row (i.e., record) when processed by this tool: 'add', 'edit' or 'delete'. Upload action values must be all lowercase.

URL Upload Data: No. Database: No.

The URL of a company's public landing page. The URL can be collected through the Company Membership Application, added through Company Tools, Admin Tools or through the Upload Data tool.

Upload Note:

Be sure the URL includes the full prefix (e.g. http://www.example.com). If the prefix isn't included and the company URL is an external website, an incomplete URL could result in a broken link on rosters.

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