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Chapter 37. Company Membership Application


If your company (organization, academic institution, government agency, etc.), wants to apply for membership in this organization, complete and submit this Company Membership Application form. You may be asked to agree to terms and conditions before you are allowed to complete the application form. When the application is displayed, enter information about your company and one or more contact people. Asterisks indicate required fields. Make sure to designate at least one person to act as Primary Contact for your company, because a confirmation email is sent to the person designated as Primary Contact. If your company hasn't designated a Primary Contact yet, enter your own name and email address. You may be asked to provide other kinds of contacts, but if these people have not yet been identified, the same person can be used for multiple contact positions at this time.

You don't have to enter information in optional fields, but it can make it easier to interact with the organization and other members, and take full advantage of all your membership benefits.

If there is a membership fee, you may be able to pay online with a credit card. If this is not an option or you prefer to use another form of payment, see the instructions provided on the form.

Many organizations send membership applications for moderator approval, in which case the application process cannot be completed immediately. You may be required to submit additional forms in hardcopy before moderators can approve your membership, so be sure to read and follow the instructions in the online application forms.

When you have completed the application and clicked the submit button, the Membership Information page is displayed. This page provides important information about the status of your application and information about what happens next in the application process. This confirmation page always displays the real-time status of your company membership and has a persistent URL so it can be bookmarked for future reference.

Once the membership application is approved and the company's account is activated, further instructions and login links are emailed to the Primary Contact.


Your primary contact and other contacts entered on the form are each be sent a login link via email rather than a password, because there is no way to guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted via email. The login link provides one-time login permissions. When you click the link you are taken to a secure webpage where you can set the password you will use to login from now on. You may also be able to edit your username. Make a note of your username and password, since you will need this information the next time you login.

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How to Complete the Company Membership Application

Membership application forms are configured uniquely for each type of membership, so the form you use may not contain all the fields described here, and may contain additional fields that specific to this organization and can't be documented in the online help.

Company Information

Enter company information including name, URL, accepted domains (if this organization enforces accepted domains), address and privacy preferences. You may also be asked to provide contact information for company representatives. When you are ready to submit your application, click Next.

Field Description
Company Name Enter the complete company name the way you want it to appear in rosters and directories. Be sure it is entered correctly, so other company representatives and administrators can easily retrieve your company by name in searches.
Accepted Email Domains

Enter a complete set of accepted domains for this company. A company's email domain is based on the domain of the company's URL, and appears in company email addresses following the @ symbol. For example, the domain of username@example.com is example.com. The domain does NOT include the @ symbol.

The list of accepted domains provided by a company should include all the domains that may be used by users signing up as company representatives. Users whose domains are not included in this list will not be able to signup until the domain is added. In domain matching, subdomains such as 'research.example.com' match 'example.com', so as long as 'example.com' is on the list of accepted domains, it is not necessary to include the subdomain.

Do NOT include the @ symbol or an error will occur. For more information, see Accepted Email Domains.


Privacy options for companies may be enabled on your organization's website.

Privacy Option

This option controls whether a Company Roster is displayed to Company Representatives.


This setting DOES NOT impact any other mailing lists or contact options on this site, including those in Kavi® Groups.

Show on Signup

This option controls whether the company will or will not be displayed on the Company Representative Signup form.

Auto-Renewal Opt-Out

If this option is displayed, you may opt-out of auto-renewal. Auto-renewal simply initiates the membership renewal process automatically. If there is a fee for this membership a bill is created but your credit card is NOT automatically charged. You pay the bill for an auto-renewed membership as you would pay for any renewed membership. If you opt out of auto-renewal, you can renew your own membership or an administrator can do it for you.

Most auto-renewed memberships are renewed at the same membership level. If your organization offers different levels of memberships and you wish to renew at a different membership level, simply contact an organization administrator when you receive the renewal notice and the administrator can handle this for you.


Displays membership information for you to review before submitting your application. This information includes any fees that may apply and indicates whether the membership is auto-renewed or not.

Company Representatives

You may be asked to designate at least one company representative (i.e., a contact person from your company), usually the Primary Contact, and provide contact information for this person. Important membership information will be emailed to the Primary Contact, so if your company hasn't appointed a representative yet, you may want to add yourself as the contact at this time.

Other types of contacts may also be requested or required. You must provide a name and contact information for each required contact, but you can assign the same person to more than one position. There are checkboxes that allow you to select the same contact person for more than one position.

If this organization enforces accepted domains (check to see whether the 'Accepted Email Domains' field is present on the application form), you must use your official company-issued email address to sign up—in other words, the domain of the email address you provide must match a domain entered in the 'Accepted Email Domains' field. This also applies to the email addresses for any other company representatives you enter through this form. For more information, see Accepted Email Domains.

Address If an address is collected for companies with this purpose, address fields are displayed. Contact Name is prefilled with the company name by default. This can be edited if desired.

Pay a Bill

If this is a billed membership, you are taken to the Pay a Bill tool. If this organization has online credit card payment enabled, you can pay your bill by credit card and print a receipt. When you are done with this process, click the 'Back to Membership Status' button to have the Membership Status page displayed.

Membership Status

When you have completed all the steps that can be performed online at this time, the Membership Status page is displayed. You should bookmark this page for future reference, because it always displays the current membership status and provides all the information you need to manage your membership.

Once your membership application is approved and your membership goes current, a notification email with further instructions is sent to the primary contact. This includes information on how other people at your company can sign up for accounts. A link to the company representative signup form is commonly available on the Membership Information page.

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