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Chapter 94. Company Membership Applications


The Company Membership Applications tool allows Organization Admins to view and moderate company membership applications that are in a pending state and approve, deny or skip applications.

There are two tools that allow you to manage company membership applications. Use this tool to moderate applications in bulk, or click the Manage Application link for a specific application to manage the application singly through the Manage a Company Membership Application tool. You must use Manage a Company Membership Application if you want to edit the application or send customized email to an applicant.

Your organization may not send scheduled email when a membership application is denied. To check on this, use the View Email Schedule tool.

Scheduled Email

When you approve applications through this tool, a welcome email is automatically sent out to the Primary Contact.

If you deny an application, automated email is only sent out if your organization has a Scheduled Email that gets sent out when an application is denied. You can check on this through the View Email Schedule tool.

If no email is scheduled and you want to send a message to the applicant explaining the reason for the denial, click the Manage Application link to go to the Manage a Company Membership Application tool.This tool allows you to send an email and add extra information to the body of the message if desired.

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How to Use Company Membership Applications


Set one or more optional search fields to define your search criteria. If you set more than one field, the search retrieves only those applications that match ALL your criteria.

Search Fields Description
Company Name Enter a full or partial value for the company name. The search has partial match capabilities, so if you've entered the full name and didn't retrieve the information you seek, try entering a partial name to account for differences in spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, etc.
Company Membership Type Set this value to search for companies with a specific type of membership, or use the default value 'Any Membership Type' to retrieve companies with all types of memberships.
Membership State Set this value to search for companies with a particular type of pending membership state. If set to the default value 'Any Pending State', the search will return all types of pending applications that meet the other search criteria.
Membership Source New or Renewal


Membership applications that meet your search criteria are displayed.

Field Description
Applicant The name of the company applying for membership.
Manage Application A link to a tool that allows you to manage this application individually.
Membership Type The name of this membership type.
State The state of this membership in the membership workflow process (e.g., 'current', 'archived', 'pending moderation', etc.).
Bill State The state of the bill, as tracked in Kavi Billing. This can be 'Paid', 'Unpaid', 'Canceled', 'Missing' or 'N/A'. For more information on Bill State, see the Kavi Billing help.
Last Modified The last time this company's information was changed.
Approve Click this option to approve an application. This application will proceed to the next step in the workflow, so it may become current or may remain in the pending state.
Deny Click this option to deny an application. This application will be deleted.
Skip Click this option to skip an application. This application will remain in the moderation queue indefinitely.


All applications retrieved in your search are redisplayed according to the type of moderation action you selected. If you are satisfied with these settings, click Moderate.


You've just moderated a set of company membership applications. Click Moderate Another Set if there are other company membership applications you wish to moderate.

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