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Chapter 49. Company Roster


The Company Roster is a handy way to see other people in your company who are involved in the organization, and download a report of their names and email addresses. The kinds of contact information displayed on the Company Roster and report are specific to this website.

If your organization provides a Privacy Option, users who have opted out of sharing their information may not appear on your company roster, or may be displayed with certain kinds of contact information omitted.

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How to Use the Company Roster

  • Click the Name, Contact Info or Status column heading to change the order in which people on the roster are sorted.

  • The Results per Page can be changed if you want to see a larger or smaller number of users on a page.

  • You may also download a spreadsheet with the name and contact information of everyone on the roster. This data is stored as a .csv file so it can be opened with any spreadsheet application.

  • If you are a company administrator, such as a Primary Contact, the Manage Roster button is also displayed. Click this to go to the Manage Company Roster tool.



The full name of each user from your company.

Contact Info

Each primary email address. Your organization may include other kinds of contact information, such as a phone number or mailing address.


Types indicate what position a user holds in the organization, and what kind of responsibilities and permissions the user has. All rosters include Contact Types, but you may also see User Types here.


Status can be either 'Active' or 'Inactive'. Inactive users cannot login to protected areas of the website and are generally hidden from the roster.

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