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Chapter 52. Edit a User

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How to Edit a User


If you are a Primary Contact or other company administrator, you can access this tool by clicking the edit link next to one of your representative's names when viewing the roster through Manage Company Roster. You may view and edit the personal and contact information of representatives who belong to your company. You may also assign or revoke Contact Types that confer company administrator access. You may not edit the representative's username, or view or edit anyone else's private password.

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How to Edit a User

View this representative's information and edit available fields as needed. Email notification is enabled by default, if you want to suppress email notification of this representative, be sure to set the 'Notify User of Change' option to 'No'. When you are satisfied with your edits, click

Field Description
Personal Info Enter the user's name and title exactly as it should appear on the company roster (depending on your organization's privacy policy and the user's privacy preference settings), in any KaviŽ Groups in which the user participates and other dynamic lists.
Contact Information Enter email and phone contact information. Depending on site configuration, an email address may not be required. However, unless a valid primary email address is provided, the user will not be able to receive login information or other email notifications automatically.
Address If an address is collected for users with this purpose, address fields are displayed. The Contact Name is prefilled with the full name of the account holder, but this can be edited.
Contact Types

You may assign Contact Types, such as Primary Contact, if this user is assuming a special position in the organization. from another representative if this user is assuming position in the organization.

If you are the current Primary Contact and someone else is taking over this position, you must assign the Primary Contact type to this other person before revoking this Contact Type from yourself. If your organization has more than one company administrator Contact Type and you need to retain access privileges to Company Tools, you may assign yourself one of the alternate company administrator types. The moment that company administrator types are revoked, access to Company Tools is denied.


Available privacy preference options depend on your organization's policies and web site configuration.

The following options may be available:

Receive Members Email

If set to 'Yes, send general members email', all the usual email from the organization site is sent to this user. If set to 'No, do NOT send general members email', this user is unsubscribed from the members@(your site domain.org) email list and may be excluded from other email generated through the site's mailing lists and the 'Send Template-Based Email' tools.


KaviŽ Groups messages go out to designated recipients on group rosters independently of this setting and some organizations have 'members-announce' lists through which they distribute mandatory announcements that do not respect this setting.

Privacy Option

If set to 'Yes, share information', user information will be displayed on the roster.

If set to 'No, do NOT share information', this user's information or entire account can be hidden, depending on the site configuration. Selecting this setting has the following effects:

  • Removes (or partially hides) this user from a roster of people from the same company available to this company

  • Removes (or partially hides) this user from membership rosters and directories

  • In Kavi Groups, sets 'Display my address and phone number in addition to my name and email address' to 'No'

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