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Chapter 56. Manage Memberships


Your company's Primary Contact and other company administrators can use the Manage Memberships tool to review the company's current, pending, expired and archived memberships. If Kavi Members automated signup features are enabled on this site and a membership is eligible for renewal, you can click the Renew link to initiate the membership renewal process. For more information on rules governing the membership renewal process, see When Can a Membership Be Renewed?. For more information on membership state, see Membership Workflow.

Use the Manage Memberships tool to:

  • View your company's membership history.

  • Click the View link to go to the Membership Info page where you can view membership details and pay any membership bills.

  • Renew a membership.

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How to Manage Memberships

Available Memberships

Current, pending and archived memberships are displayed. For more information on any of these memberships, click the View link. If a current membership is eligible for renewal and automated signup features are enabled on this site, the 'Renew' link is displayed. If you click this link, you will be taken to the next step where you can select the membership with which you want to renew. Before renewing, be sure your company's information is up-to-date. You can use the links to Company Roster or Edit Your Company's Account.


You may change the order in which memberships are displayed by clicking on any underlined column heading.

Membership Type

The type of this membership.

Membership State

The state of this membership. This may be current, or any one of a number of pending states.

Possible values:


A membership in the current state is in effect at this time. See the 'Term' field if you wish to know the start or expiration dates for this membership.

Pending Bill Payment

A membership in this state is pending because the membership fee has not yet been paid. This only applies to fee-based membership types on sites where Kavi® Billing is installed.

Pending Moderation

A membership in this state is pending because it is awaiting moderation. This only applies to moderated membership types.

Pending Start Date

A membership in this state is pending because it is awaiting its start date.

Pending Prerequisites

A membership in this state is pending because all the necessary prerequisites have not yet been fulfilled.


The term of this membership, which runs from a specific start date to a specific expiration date (unless this is a Lifetime membership).


Click the View link to go to the Membership Status page for detailed information about your memberships and access to membership applications and links used to pay membership bills, etc.

If the Renew link is displayed, click the link to initiate the renewal process. If the link is not displayed, the membership is not eligible for renewal. This usually means that the membership renewal process has already been initiated and the new membership may be in a pending state.

Select Membership

A list of all membership types available for renewal is displayed. The current membership type is preselected if this type is available. You do not have to renew with the same membership type. Select your preferred type and click Next.

Depending on the rules for this type of membership, you may be taken directly to the Membership Status page, or there may be other parts of the process to be completed first. See the Membership Status page help for more information on using the Membership Status page and tracking the status of your memberships.

If there are other steps that the membership must go through before it can become current, this information is also provided. This may include steps that require no action on your part, such as moderation, or you may be taken to forms or provided with instructions on how to complete these steps, which may include terms and conditions, billing or other prerequisites such as forms that must be downloaded and submitted to moderators before the membership can be approved.


If you are renewing a billed membership, you may be taken to the Pay a Bill tool. After paying the bill, you can proceed to the Membership Status step.

Membership Status

The Membership Status page displays details about the membership that you selected along with a link to review your application. If the membership is billed you will see links to Change Payment Method and View Print-Ready Invoice. Depending on the organization's membership rules, a membership may be current at this point, or in one of the pending states. The 'What Happens Next' section provides information about the state of the membership plus any instructions you need to follow to complete the membership renewal process. If your membership is in a pending state and you want more information, see Membership Workflow.

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