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Chapter 134. Configure Company Membership Applications


If your organization offers memberships for companies, use the Configure Company Membership Applications tool to configure membership application forms for new applicants and renewing members.

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How to Configure Company Membership Applications

Set Options

Set options to define what kinds of contact information will be collected, whether the applicant will be redirected to a specific URL or will return to the page where they initiated the application, and whether the application process will include a terms and conditions agreement.

Company Membership Application Options


A list of Contact Types is displayed. This list may include types installed by default as well as types specific to your organization's Web site. Leave these set to 'Do NOT request.' or, for each type of information the organization wants to collect through application forms, set the field value to 'Requested' or 'Required'.

Post-Application URL for Companies

Enter the URL for the page to which the applicant should be automatically redirected after completing the application form, or leave this field blank to have the applicant returned to the page where they initiated the application.

Terms and Conditions

Click-Through Applies to

Set this to 'New Members' or 'Renewing Members' or both, or leave it blank if the organization doesn't want to have a terms and conditions click-through agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Enter the organization's Terms and Conditions in plain text or HTML format.

Click-Through Text

Enter labels for the Terms and Conditions page that applicants click to indicate whether they A.) agree to the terms and conditions or B.) do not agree.


You have just configured this organization's company membership application options!

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