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Chapter 61. Configure Roster


Rosters are lists of members which can include member names, images, links, and membership types. Configure the roster display based on style, order, grouping or other criteria.

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How to Configure a Roster


If images are collected for any of the companies or users in this roster, set whether images are displayed next to each name in the roster, or only the name is displayed. If images are not available for a eertain type of company or user, the style is 'Name Only'.


This option sets whether a company name is a clickable link that leads to the company's website, or a user's name is a clickable link to an email contact form.

Link companies to company URL

If this is checked, a company name appears on the roster as a clickable link to the company URL. When the link is clicked, the user is taken to the company's website. If no URL is available for a company, the name is displayed as static text.

Link users to contact form

If this is checked, a persons name appears on the roster as a clickable link to a contact form. When this link is clicked, a pre-addressed email form pops up. The contact form allows email to be sent to people on the roster without exposing any email addresses to spammers.

Link Target Window

Choose whether the website and contact form open in a new window or in the same window.

Order Members

Order the roster alphabetically, by most recently modified, or randomly.

Number of Columns

Set the number of columns to appear on each page of the roster.

Maximum Per Page

A roster may be split into multiple pages. Define the maximum number of members per page, which will be split evenly between columns.

Group by Type

Choose whether you want to group members by type or not. If types are grouped, each group is displayed in the configured order under a subheading labeled with the name of the type. If your roster is grouped by type, the order in which groups are displayed is set in the following Order by Type field.

For example, if Platinum is the top-tier membership, 'Platinum' would appear as the first heading, followed by a listing of all companies or users who had acquired the Platinum type through membership. When all the Platinum members had been listed, the name of the second tier membership would be displayed as a subheading, followed by a listing of this type of member.

Order by Type

If types are grouped when displayed, h broken into smaller access-type groups. You can order the types so your top-tier members appear first on the roster.

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