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Chapter 146. Deactivate an Address Type


Use the Deactivate an Address Type tool to deactivate an Address Type that is no longer needed by your organization without removing the address data from the database. If you deactivate a user or company Address Type, the address fields are no longer displayed in tools used to manage users or companies of the designated purposes. Since the Address Type data is still in the database, deactivated Address Types are still available in reports and directories.

If your organization has Kavi Membership with Kavi Billing installed, address information fields are included in the Billing Information. These address fields are affected by global configuration options set in the Configure Addresses tool, but are automatically installed by Kavi Billing and do not appear in the Address Types tools.

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How to Deactivate an Address Type

The Address Type information is displayed for you to review. If this is the Address Type you want, click Deactivate.

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You have just deactivated an Address Type! The Manage Company Address Types or Manage User Address Types page is displayed so you can see that this Address Type is deactivated.

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