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Chapter 108. Delete a Company Membership


Use the Delete a Company Membership tool to permanently delete a company membership from the Kavi Members database. If a membership is deleted, it won't appear in the membership archives.

If you want this membership to remain in the Kavi Members database, use the Edit a company Membership tool, and reset the expiration date to terminate this membership. In this case, the member will retain types assigned through membership while the membership grace period for this Company Membership Type is in effect. These types are removed automatically when the membership is archived.


Membership information and links to membership management tools are available if:

  • Membership is 'on' and configured for your organization's web site

  • This is a company whose purpose is 'Member Company' or this is a user whose purpose is 'Individual Member'

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How to Delete a Company Membership


The membership information is displayed for you to review. If you are certain you want to delete this company membership, click Delete. You may add an activity note to this company's activity history.

If this membership type is billed and you want to cancel the bill, check the Cancel Bill checkbox. When you click the Delete button the bill is automatically deleted along with the membership. If you prefer to manage the bill manually, click the Complete Payment link to go to this Kavi® Billing tool. After completing the payment, you will be returned to the Delete step.


This company membership has been permanently deleted! If you selected the Cancel Bill checkbox, the bill has been deleted from the Kavi Billing database.

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