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Chapter 128. Delete a Contact Type


The Delete a Contact Type tool is used to remove custom Contact Types when they are no longer required.

If a 'Delete' link is not displayed adjacent to the Contact Type you wish to remove on the Manage Contact Types tool, it may mean that this is a default type, or it may mean that this is a custom type that is currently assigned to one or more users. Default types cannot be removed, but they can be edited. If it is a custom type, you can delete the type after revoking it from every user to whom it is assigned.

To remove a custom type that is currently in use:

  1. Use the User Data Report to get a report of all users with this type.

  2. Use the Edit a User tool to remove this type from each user's record or use the Upload Data tool to perform a batch update of the database. If you are not familiar with the Upload Data tool, the page help includes suggestions for data preparation.

  3. Once all users have been decoupled from this type, it can be immediately deleted.


Deleting a type is permanent. Before deleting a type, be sure it isn't needed to retrieve this group of users in searches.

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How to Delete a Contact Type


Details of the Contact Type you selected are displayed for you to review. If you are sure you want to permanently delete this type, click Delete.


This Contact Type has been permanently deleted!

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