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Chapter 116. Delete a Role


The Delete a Role tool is used to remove a custom role when it is no longer required. Default roles cannot be deleted, so no 'Delete' link is displayed for these roles on the Manage Roles page.


A role cannot be deleted if it is in use by a type.

If you want to delete a role that is in use:

  1. Use the Manage Company Types, Manage Contact Types and Manage User Types tools to view the different classes of types. Identify types that use this role by looking for this role in the 'Roles' column.

  2. Use the 'Edit' link adjacent to types that use this role, then remove this role from each type that uses it.

  3. Once you have removed this role from all types that used it, the role can be immediately deleted.

For more information on roles, see the Manage Roles page help in the Super Admin section.

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How to Delete a Role


The 'Name' and 'Description' of the role you selected on the Manage Roles page are displayed for you to review. If you are sure you want to permanently delete this role, click Delete.


The role has been permanently deleted.

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