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Chapter 79. Delete a User


The Delete a User tool is used to permanently remove a user from the Kavi Members database. This also removes the user from groups and deletes mailing list subscriptions held under any of the email addresses in the user's Kavi Members account. This action is not reversible, so be sure you want to remove this user before clicking Delete.


If you do not want to permanently remove all trace of this user from the Kavi Members database, but want to revoke the user's website access privileges, use the Change User Status tool to deactivate this user's account. Deactivation is a reversible action.

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How to Delete a User


Information about this user is displayed for you to review. If you are certain this is the user you want to permanently remove from the Kavi Members database, click Delete.


This user has been permanently deleted! There is no record of this user in the Kavi Members database, the user has been removed from groups, and any mailing list subscriptions associated with an email address in the user's Kavi Members account have been deleted. The only remaining record of this user is in the logs.

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