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Chapter 157. Delete an Email Template


Use the Delete an Email Template tool to remove an email template permanently. Only custom templates that aren't in use by a scheduled email can be deleted.

If you want to delete a custom template that is currently in use, you must use the Manage Email Schedule tool to find the scheduled email that uses this template, then edit the scheduled email so that it uses a different template or delete the scheduled email. Once this dependency is removed, you will be able to delete the email template through this tool.

Likewise, deleting a scheduled email through the Delete a Scheduled Email tool doesn't delete the email template. This task must be performed through this tool.

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How to Delete an Email Template

Preview the template you selected through the Manage Email Templates tool and delete it if you wish. Deleting a template is permanent.


Details of the email template you selected are displayed for you to review. If you are sure you want to permanently delete this email template, press Delete.


You have just permanently deleted an email template!

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