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Chapter 133. Delete Company Membership Type


The Delete Company Membership Type tool is used to remove company membership types when they are no longer required.


A membership type cannot be deleted if the membership type is in use, in which case the 'Delete' link will not be visible on the Manage Company Membership Types page.

If the company membership type is in use:

  1. Use the Company Data Report to get a report of all companies with this company membership type.

  2. Use the Delete a Company Membership tool to find and remove any instances of memberships of this type. If there are many instances, admins with knowledge of databases and experience in editing comma-separated files directly may use the Upload Data tool to perform a batch update of the database.

  3. Now that all instances of this type of membership have been removed, the 'Delete' link will be visible and the company membership type can be immediately deleted.

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Delete Company Membership Type


Select the company membership type you wish to delete.


Details of the company membership type you selected are displayed for you to review. If you are sure you want to permanently delete this company membership type, click Delete.


The company membership type has been permanently deleted. Click Manage Another if you would like to manage another company membership type.

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