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Chapter 177. Delete Logs


The Delete Logs tool is used by super administrators to remove old entries from the Full Activity Log and Full Activity History (which can be viewed through the Company Activity History and User Activity History tools). Since these logs record every significant event in Kavi Members, they expand rapidly and may become an unwieldy amount of information to store and process unless old entries are removed periodically.


Any log and activity history entries you elect to delete through this tool are permanently removed from the Kavi Members database!

Before using this tool, you may want to download and save copies of the entries you intend to delete:

Full Activity Log

Use the Full Activity Log tool to create backups of this log.

Full Activity History

Use the Company Activity History and User Activity History tools to create backups of this log.

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How to use the Delete Log tool


Select 'Full Activity Log' or 'Activity Histories,' or both, then set the date. Entries made prior to the date you set will be permanently removed from the selected log or activity history. Remember that Kavi Members will not retain this information in any form, so it is your responsibility to make sure backup copies will be available if they are needed. Click the Preview button to see your selections.


Information about the Full Activity Logs and Activity Histories is displayed to help you make an informed decision about which entries to delete.


Entries may be deleted from either the 'Full Activity Logs,' the 'Activity Histories' or both.

Size (Total Rows)

This field displays the size of the log or activity history in total number of rows. The maximum number of rows that can be downloaded through the Full Activity Log, Company Activity History and User Activity History tools for backup purposes is 1000 rows, so keep this in mind when determining which entries you will select for deletion.

First Entry

The date and time of the first entry in the log or activity history.


Click the checkboxes in this column to select whether entries will be removed from the Full Activity Logs or Activity Histories, or both.

Before Date

Use this field to set a date. The Delete Log tool will permanently delete entries prior to this date.


The number of entries selected for deletion from the Full Activity Log and Activity Histories is displayed. Click Delete to permanently delete these entries, or Back if you would like to reset the selection criteria or cancel the operation.


The entries you selected have been permanently deleted! (Hope you remembered to make those backup copies.)

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