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Chapter 86. Edit a Company—Manage Applications Tools


This Edit a Company tool is available through the Manage a Company Membership Application tool. It allows administrators to edit a company's information in the Kavi Members pending company table, including the company's URL, address information, privacy preferences and whether the company will be available on company representative signup forms. Depending on site configuration, a company logo or other image may be uploaded and you may add accepted email domains.

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How to Edit a Company


This page allows you to edit general information about the company, including name, URL, company logo, address, privacy preferences. Most options are self-explanatory.

Option Description
Company Name Enter the company's full name as it should be printed on a roster or mailing label.
Company URL Enter the full, official URL for this company, including the prefix http:// (e.g., http://www.example.com)

Privacy options for companies may be enabled on your organization's website.

Privacy Option

This option controls whether a Company Roster is displayed to Company Representatives.


This setting DOES NOT impact any other mailing lists or contact options on this site, including those in KaviŽ Groups.

Show on Signup

This option controls whether the company will or will not be displayed on the Company Representative Signup form.

Show on Signup form Select whether this company is to be included in the companies listed on the Company Representative Signup form.
Accepted Email Domains

Enter a complete set of accepted domains for this company. A company's email domain is based on the domain of the company's URL, and appears in company email addresses following the @ symbol. For example, the domain of username@example.com is example.com. The domain does NOT include the @ symbol.

The list of accepted domains provided by a company should include all the domains that may be used by users signing up as company representatives. Users whose domains are not included in this list will not be able to signup until the domain is added. In domain matching, subdomains such as 'research.example.com' match 'example.com', so as long as 'example.com' is on the list of accepted domains, it is not necessary to include the subdomain.

Do NOT include the @ symbol or an error will occur. For more information, see Accepted Email Domains.


Your changes have been committed to the database and the company's information is displayed for you to review.

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