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Chapter 101. Edit an Individual Membership


Use the Edit an Individual Membership tool to enter or update the member's renewal intentions, or to reset the membership start or expiration dates.


This tool isn't used to switch the user to a different membership type. To switch this individual to a different type of membership, use the Replace an Individual Membership tool to replace the existing membership with a new membership of the preferred type.

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How to Edit an Individual Membership

Use the options displayed on the forms to edit this user's renewal intentions or set different dates for the membership term.

Depending on the path you took to this tool, you may have already performed the Search and Select steps. For tips on using the search tools, see the page help for the Manage a User tool.


This user's name and information about the selected membership is displayed for you to review. You may edit the term dates or renewal information, or add an activity note to this member's activity history.

Membership Fields

Field Description
Membership Type The name of this membership type.
Creation Date The date that the membership was added in Kavi Members.
Membership State The state of this membership in the membership workflow process (e.g., 'current', 'archived', 'pending moderation', etc.).

If Kavi® Billing is installed and this membership type has a fee, then the billing information for this membership is displayed in this field:

  • The status of the bill, as defined in Kavi Billing. This can be one of several default values.

  • The amount of the membership fee.

  • The Complete Payment link is displayed if payment is pending. Click this link to complete the payment process.

Membership Status Page A link to the Membership Status Page. This page exists in the Public Area of the website so it is always accessible to users, even those who lack login privileges because their membership is not yet current or has been allowed to expire. Visit this page for an overview of this membership's status, or send the URL to the member so they can monitor their membership status and pay any membership bills.


The 'Start Date' and 'Expiration Date' currently assigned to this membership by default are displayed. Reset one or both of these fields if you wish to manually override these dates.

If this is a Fixed Duration membership that has not yet gone current (i.e., is in a pending state), two options are displayed. These fields are prefilled intelligently under rules that behave differently depending on whether this is a first time or renewed membership.

Use Case Instructions
First-Time Membership

For a first time membership, the first option 'Reset dates when membership goes current, but no earlier than the following Start Date' is selected by default. The Start Date field is initially set to the Creation Date by default. The actual Start Date of the membership term will be reset on the date that the membership is approved. So, if a membership is currently pending bill payment, the start date would be reset when the payment for the membership bill is received.

Here is an example of how this would work. Imagine a one-year Fixed Duration membership is created on June 1st. The Start Date displayed here is set to June 1st. Payment for the membership bill is made on June 15th. The Start Date is reset to June 15th and the membership expiration date is set to June 14th of the following year.

If this default behavior needs to be overridden for any reason, the administrator can leave the first option selected and set a different minimum start date, or select the second option and specify both the start and end dates of the membership term.

Renewed Membership

Different rules apply to renewed memberships. When a member renews an expiring membership with a new membership, the second option 'Do NOT reset dates when membership goes current, and use the following dates' is selected by default. The Start Date field is initially set to the day after the member's old membership expires so that there will be no lapse in membership. When this option is set, the Start Date is NOT reset if the membership bill is paid after the default Start Date.

Here is an example of how this would work. Imagine a member's first one-year Fixed Duration membership expires on May 31st. The Start Date for the new membership is set to June 1st by default. Payment for the renewed membership is made on June 15th. The Start Date of the renewed membership is June 1st, even though the membership went current on June 15th. This option prevents members from using the expiration grace period as a free membership.

If this default behavior needs to be overridden for any reason, the administrator can leave the second option selected and set different start or expiration dates, or select the first option if a lapse in the membership sequence is acceptable.

Renewal Information

All of the default renewal information fields are editable through this tool.

Field Description
Renewed With If this is membership was renewed, the name and term of the new membership is displayed. Click the link if you want to edit or view the new membership.
Renewed From If this is a renewed membership, the name and term of the old membership are displayed. Click the link if you want to edit or view the old membership.
Renewal Intention

If this membership has not yet been renewed, set this option to indicate whether the company intends to renew their membership. Use the pulldown list in the 'Renewal Intention' field and select the appropriate value (e.g., 'Undeclared', 'Intending to renew', 'Not intending to renew').

Scheduled email renewal reminders are NOT sent out if this field shows the member does not intend to renew.

Comment About Renewal

Use this field to add information such as a member's intention to upgrade at renewal time, who to contact if the member is undecided or an explanation of why a member has elected not to renew. This comment is displayed when viewing the member's renewal intentions.

The renewal comments should not be confused with the Activity Notes field. Information in the Comment About Renewal field is stored with the record of this particular membership, rather than the member's activity history. Information in the Comment About Renewal field can be edited whenever the membership is managed, whereas Activity Notes cannot be edited and are a permanent part of this member's record.

Activity Note

Add an Activity Note to this user's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, so they become a part of the User Activity History, which is only viewable through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools.


Use this page to preview your edits. If you are satisfied with the results, click Save to commit your edits to the Kavi Members database.


This field alerts you to any changes in membership state that may occur as a result of this edit. Changes in membership state have many potential consequences and may commonly affect user permissions and access to protected areas of the website.

Send Email

All scheduled email for this action are displayed. By default, email is set to 'No.' If you would like to send email, set the Send Email option to 'Yes' for those you want to go out. You may edit the email if desired. When you are ready to send the email, click Continue.


You have just edited this user's membership and the changes have been committed to the Kavi Members database!

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