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Chapter 46. Edit Your Account


Use the Edit Your Account tool to review and edit your personal information, including your name, title, contact and address information, and privacy preferences.

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How to Edit Your Account


Your account information is displayed for you to review. Edit any information you wish and click Save.

Personal Information

Edit your name and title information exactly the way it should appear on an address label. The name entered here will be printed on your company roster, in any KaviŽ Groups in which you participate, and on other dynamic lists.

Contact Information

Enter email and phone contact information.


Depending on site configuration, an email address may not be required. However, you cannot receive login information, mailing list messages or other email notifications until you provide a valid Primary Email address. You may be allowed to add an alternate email address, which is automatically added to the 'Posters List' for any list to which you subscribe under your primary email address. This allows you to post messages from this alternate address, providing list rules allow subscribers to post.


Enter any address information requested by your organization. For more information on formatting and managing your address data, see Addresses in the Concepts section.

Billing Account Information

This section is displayed if you are an Individual Member and your organization uses Kavi Membership to issue bills for membership fees. Most fields are self-explanatory, but if you would like more information, see Billing Account Information in the document on Addresses.

Additional Information

These data fields are unique to this organization, so they can't be documented in the help. If you need more information on any of these fields, contact an administrator.


This shows which Contact Types and User Types are assigned to you. These types classify your position in the organization and may confer access to tools that are not available to all account holders.


Depending on the configuration of your organization's website, the following options may be available.

Receive Members Email

If this is set to 'No, do NOT send general members email', you will be unsubscribed from the Members@(your site domain.org) email list and can be excluded from any email sent using the 'Send Template-Based Email' tools. Administrators may also use this field to make decisions about what other kinds of communication to send to you.


This setting does NOT impact any other mailing lists or contact options on this site, including those in KaviŽ Groups.

Privacy Option

If set to 'Yes, share information', your information will be displayed on the roster.

If set to 'No, do NOT share information', your information or entire account can be hidden, depending on the site configuration. Selecting this setting has the following effects:

  • Removes (or partially hides) you from a roster of people from the same company available to this company

  • Removes (or partially hides) you from membership rosters and directories

  • In Kavi Groups, sets 'Display my address and phone number in addition to my name and email address' to 'No'


Administrators may also use this field to make decisions about any other places your information may be displayed that are unique to this site.


You have just edited your personal information and the changes have been committed to the Kavi Members database! The information is displayed for you to review. If you need to make additional edits, click Back.

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