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Chapter 179. Installed Member Directories and Rosters


Super Admins use the Installed Member Directories and Rosters tool to view all the member directories and rosters that have been installed on your organization's website by Kavi Web designers. Launch a Landing Page to view a directory or roster, or launch the Super Admin menu to go directly to configuration tools.

A Member Directory or Member Roster may include companies, users, or both. It can be configured to display companies or users who meet configured criteria, such as those who have a specific type or purpose. For tips on setup and configuration, see the Concepts document Rosters and Directories.

Some organizations have engineered rosters or directories that cannot be fully configured or maintained through the Super Admin tools. If you want to make changes to a directory or roster and can't see how to accomplish the task through Super Admin tools, please contact support.


Kavi Workspace installs two other kinds of rosters automatically: Group Rosters and Company Rosters. These are not listed here, and are not managed through Kavi Members Super Admin directory and roster tools.

Users who have access to a group will find the Group Roster on the Roster tab in the specific Group Home Area. Group Participants with roster management permissions have access to tools used to manage this roster.

A Company Roster can be viewed by users who belong to a specific company. Primary Contacts and other company administrators have access to the Manage Company Roster tool.

Directories and Rosters Feature Comparison

  • Directories have built-in search functionality, so they are user-searchable.

  • Directories include a richer set of information than rosters (e.g., contact information).

  • The set of data fields displayed for each directory is configurable.

  • Rosters are not searchable.

  • Rosters are minimal, and display less information than directories — usually just a list of names. Names are commonly shown as clickable links that lead to the selected company's website or generate an email addressed to the selected individual.

  • The search criteria for rosters is set by administrators, and is fixed.

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How to Use Installed Member Directories and Rosters

Click the links available on this page to access and manage directories and rosters. These links take you to tools that are listed in the following section on Related Topics.

Launch a Landing Page

Click the Launch link in the Landing Page column when you want to view a directory or roster.

Launch Super Admin Tools Menu

Click the Launch link in the Super Admin column when you want to go directly to configuration tools. These tools allow you to configure the selected roster or directory.

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