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Chapter 57. Limit Companies


Use the Limit Companies tool to control which companies are shown in the directory or on the roster by setting selection criteria so that only the desired companies are retrieved.

If your organization has enabled the privacy opt-out, any company that opts out has its information partially or completely omitted from all directories and rosters. To see how privacy options are configured for your website, view the settings in the Configure Privacy Options tool. For more information, see the Concepts document User and Company Privacy Options.

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How to Limit Companies

Use the available fields to set the selection criteria that determines which companies are shown in this directory or roster. Only companies that meet all the selection criteria will be displayed.

Set Limits

Use the provided fields to set search criteria. For faster searches, set multiple search criteria to retrieve a narrowed set of results. When multiple fields are set, the results only include users who match all search criteria. If your search doesn't return the results you seek, use the Back button to return to the Search step and broaden your criteria by entering partial values in name or email fields or setting fields with drop-down lists back to the default values. If a field is set to the default value, the search results are not restricted by that criteria.

Limit Company Users

If any users should be displayed on the roster or directory, select the appropriate Contact Type(s). The names of users with these Contact Types will appear below the company name if this is a roster, or on the Company Details page if this is a directory. The selection of Contact Types has no effect on the company selection criteria. If a company has no users with the specified Contact Type, the company information is simply displayed without this particular type of contact.

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