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Chapter 95. Manage a Company Membership Application


Organization Admins use the Manage a Company Membership Application tool to review the details of a company membership application and moderate the application by approving or denying it. Unlike the Company Membership Applications tool, which is used to view and moderate multiple applications at once, Manage a Company Membership Application allows you to edit the company's information, manage the Kavi Billing account and send a customized email notification to a company representative.

This can be especially useful when you deny an application and want to send the applicant an email explaining the reason for the denial. On most sites, there is no Scheduled Email notification for denied applications. If you want to see whether this applies on your website, check the View Email Schedule tool.

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How to Manage a Company Membership Application


Information for the company and the selected membership is displayed so you can moderate the application. Links are provided to tools that allow you to manage the company and membership information if desired.

Company Information

Click the Edit link to go to the Edit A Company tool where you can walk through forms displaying this company's account information and change data as needed.

Click the Delete Application link to go to the Delete a Company Membership tool. If you delete a membership for an applicant who is not yet in the Kavi Members database, all the company and contact data is deleted along with the application.

Field Description
Activity Note Add an Activity Note to this company's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, and are viewable through the Company Activity History, which is accessible through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools. Only organization administrators can view Company Activity Notes.
Billing Account Information This section is displayed if your organization has Kavi Membership with Kavi Billing installed and this user is an Individual Member. Contact information that has already been entered may be used, or you may select 'Enter different information:' to have fields are displayed so you can enter Billing Account Information.
Company Name The name of the company to which this user belongs. The company name is a clickable link you can use to view and manage company information.
Contacts A portion of the Contact Information entered on the application form. This includes the Contact Type(s), user's full name and primary email address. To view complete information for a contact, or edit this information, click the Edit this Contact link.
General Types A list of general Company Types assigned to this company. General Company Types are used to categorize companies but are unlikely to confer roles and access.
Last Login Date A time stamp updated the last time the user logged into the website.
Last Modified A time stamp updated the last time the user's information changed.

Available privacy preference options depend on your organization's policies and web site configuration.

The following options may be available:

Receive Members Email

If set to 'Yes, send general members email', all the usual email from the organization site is sent to this user. If set to 'No, do NOT send general members email', this user is unsubscribed from the members@(your site domain.org) email list and may be excluded from other email generated through the site's mailing lists and the 'Send Template-Based Email' tools.


Kavi® Groups messages go out to designated recipients on group rosters independently of this setting and some organizations have 'members-announce' lists through which they distribute mandatory announcements that do not respect this setting.

Privacy Option

If set to 'Yes, share information', user information will be displayed on the roster.

If set to 'No, do NOT share information', this user's information or entire account can be hidden, depending on the site configuration. Selecting this setting has the following effects:

  • Removes (or partially hides) this user from a roster of people from the same company available to this company

  • Removes (or partially hides) this user from membership rosters and directories

  • In Kavi Groups, sets 'Display my address and phone number in addition to my name and email address' to 'No'

Primary Email Address This user's primary email address. This is the address under which the user will appear on lists and rosters. If this organization enforces accepted domains, this will be a company email address.
Purpose The Purpose assigned to this user (e.g., 'Company Representative', 'Individual Member', 'Individual Nonmember', 'Staff'). Purpose determines what data is tracked for this user, how access is granted, and the way that the user is managed in the system.
Roles A list of any roles (e.g., 'member', 'wg_access', etc.) in this user's role cache. A user can acquire roles by being assigned Contact Types or User Types, or may inherit roles through Company Types assigned to their company. There may be multiple copies of the same role in a user's role cache if the role is associated with more than one type
Secondary Email Address This user's alternate email address, if this organization supports the use of secondary email addresses
Status This value is either 'active' or 'inactive'. An active user is displayed in rosters and directories and can login (assuming the user has the necessary types and roles). An inactive user cannot login, is usually hidden from rosters and directories, and does not receive all the email or mailing list messages that would be sent if the user were active.
Types Granted through Membership General User Types assigned to this individual through membership. These User Types are used to categorize Individual Members and frequently confer roles that grant access to Member Areas of the website.
View Access Configuration

Click this for an overview of all the User Types, Contact Types and Company Types in use on your website. This page also shows which roles are conferred through each type.

If Kavi Membership is installed, Company Membership Types are shown with their related Company Types, and Individual Membership Types are shown with their related User Types.


Field Description
Membership Type The name of this membership type.
Creation Date The date that the membership was added in Kavi Members.
Membership State The state of this membership in the membership workflow process (e.g., 'current', 'archived', 'pending moderation', etc.).

If Kavi® Billing is installed and this membership type has a fee, then the billing information for this membership is displayed in this field:

  • The status of the bill, as defined in Kavi Billing. This can be one of several default values.

  • The amount of the membership fee.

  • The Complete Payment link is displayed if payment is pending. Click this link to complete the payment process.

Membership Status Page A link to the Membership Status Page. This page exists in the Public Area of the website so it is always accessible to users, even those who lack login privileges because their membership is not yet current or has been allowed to expire. Visit this page for an overview of this membership's status, or send the URL to the member so they can monitor their membership status and pay any membership bills.

Moderation Options

Approve or Deny this Membership Application

Approve this membership

Select this option if you would like to approve this membership application. If you approve this membership, automated email notification of approval may be sent to the primary contact and admin contacts, if scheduled. Refer to the View Email Schedule tool for more information.

Deny and delete this membership

Select this option if you would like to deny this membership application. Once denied, the pending membership will be deleted from the Kavi Members database. If you deny this application, you will have an opportunity to send an email in the next step.

Bill Information

This field is displayed if this is a billed membership type. Review the Bill State and Amount. Click the button if you want to view or manage this bill in Kavi Billing.

Activity Note

Add an Activity Note to this company's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, so they become a part of the Company Activity History, which is only viewable through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools.

Send Email

Be sure to enable email on this step so that a welcome email with a login link and instructions is sent to this user.

If you do not send email at this time, you will have to do this manually as a separate task. For instructions, see Using Website Tools to Send Email Manually.

This email is sent to the Primary Contact.


You've just moderated this company membership application, and information about the action you've taken is displayed for you to review.

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