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Chapter 91. Manage a Company Representative Application


The Manage a Company Representative Application tool allows administrators to view and moderate a company representative application by approving or denying the application.

Use this tool when you want to moderate a single application, review or manage the user's account information or send an email notification. It is particularly useful when you want to deny an application because and send a personalized email notification to the company representative or other designated contacts.


When you want to manage applications for company representatives in bulk, use the Company Representative Applications tool.

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How to Manage a Company Representative Application


Information for the applicant you selected is displayed, along with links to tools that allow you to manage this user's information.

This section includes a link to the Edit a User tool, as well as options that allow you to moderate this application and optionally add an activity note to this user's record.

User Information

Option Description
Address If an address is collected for users with this purpose, address fields are displayed. The Contact Name is prefilled with the full name of the account holder, but this can be edited.

Available privacy preference options depend on your organization's policies and web site configuration.

The following options may be available:

Receive Members Email

If set to 'Yes, send general members email', all the usual email from the organization site is sent to this user. If set to 'No, do NOT send general members email', this user is unsubscribed from the members@(your site domain.org) email list and may be excluded from other email generated through the site's mailing lists and the 'Send Template-Based Email' tools.


Kavi® Groups messages go out to designated recipients on group rosters independently of this setting and some organizations have 'members-announce' lists through which they distribute mandatory announcements that do not respect this setting.

Privacy Option

If set to 'Yes, share information', user information will be displayed on the roster.

If set to 'No, do NOT share information', this user's information or entire account can be hidden, depending on the site configuration. Selecting this setting has the following effects:

  • Removes (or partially hides) this user from a roster of people from the same company available to this company

  • Removes (or partially hides) this user from membership rosters and directories

  • In Kavi Groups, sets 'Display my address and phone number in addition to my name and email address' to 'No'

Company Name The name of the company to which this user belongs. The company name is a clickable link you can use to view and manage company information.
Contact Types A list of any Contact Types assigned to this user. A Contact Type defines how the user represents their company to the organization. Privileged Contact Types, such as Primary Contact, may confer roles that provide access to the Company Admin Area, Kavi Edit access, etc.
General Types A list of general User Types assigned to this person. General User Types are used to categorize users but are unlikely to confer roles and access.
Admin User Types A list of Admin User Types assigned to this person. Admin User Types confer administrative roles and access to the organization's Admin Area or Reports Area tools.

Moderation Options

Click one of the following options to approve or deny this application.

Approve this company representative's application.

Select this option if you would like to approve this application. If you approve this application, automated email notification of approval may be sent to this individual, the company's primary contact and any admin contacts, if scheduled. Refer to the View Email Schedule tool for more information.

Deny and delete this company representative's application.

Select this option if you would like to deny this application. Once denied, the application will be deleted from the Kavi Members database. If you deny this application, you will have an opportunity to send an email in the next step.

Activity Note

Add an Activity Note to this user's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, so they become a part of the User Activity History, which is only viewable through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools.

Send Email

Be sure to enable email on this step so that a welcome email with a login link and instructions is sent to this user.

If you do not send email at this time, you will have to do this manually as a separate task. For instructions, see Using Website Tools to Send Email Manually.


You've just moderated this company representative application, and the information is displayed for you to review.

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