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Chapter 166. Manage a Report


Use the Manage a Report tool to view a report and access tools to manage it. This includes links to the following tools: Edit a Report, Delete a Report, Change Report Status, Run a Report and Clone a Report.

If the 'Edit' link isn't displayed, this is a default report and can't be edited. If the 'Run' link isn't displayed, this is an inactive report. If you want to run an inactive report, click the 'Activate' button.

This document assumes you are familiar with concepts introduced in the Report Builder page help.

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How to Manage a Report

View information about your report and access tool links that allow you to manage or run the report.



The name of the report.


A textual description of the report.


The Kavi Members Report Type on which this report is based. The Report Type determines which database tables are queried when the report is run.

Download Filename

The name of the downloadable results file created when the report is run.


This is either 'Active' or 'Inactive'. If 'Active', the Report is available in the list of reports displayed to administrators through Report Area tools. If 'Inactive', the Report is unavailable and hidden from this list so no one can run it. When a report is inactive, the 'Run' button isn't displayed.


Any fixed fields used in this report are displayed. The fixed field value restricts the preliminary query.

Search Form

Searchable fields from the Search Form are displayed, along with the field's default operator and default value, if set.

Results Form

Viewable results fields are listed. These fields are displayed in the online results when the report is run.

Download Form

Downloadable results fields are listed. These fields are all present in the downloaded report results.

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