Kavi® Members Help

Chapter 149. Manage a Scheduled Email


Use the Manage a Scheduled Email tool to view and manage scheduled email used for Kavi Members email notifications. View the current schedule and click links to tools you can use to add, edit or delete


The scheduled email displayed through this tool doesn't include email managed by other applications that may be installed on the site, such as Kavi® Billing or Kavi® Showcase.

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How to Manage a Scheduled Email

View scheduled email managed through Kavi Members, including when it is sent, the recipients list, the email template and scheduled email status. You may narrow the displayed list by setting search criteria through the 'When:', 'Template Text:' or 'Recipient Type' search fields and pressing Search.


Click the 'Manage' link to select the scheduled email you wish to manage.


Click a link if there is an action you wish to perform on the scheduled email (i.e., 'Delete', 'Activate' or 'Deactivate').

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