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Chapter 55. Manage Company Roster


The Manage Company Roster tool displays all the users who belong to your company. The Company Roster is handy when you want to see who else from your company participates in the organization, view or download their contact information, or send email messages. Company administrators such as Primary Contacts may edit other users on the company roster, and assign types to confer responsibilities and permissions, or deactivate users to instantly revoke login privileges to the organization's website.

Full Company Roster

The Manage Company Roster tool shows the Full Company Roster, so it provides a complete list of people from your company who are involved in this organization, even those who have selected the 'Privacy Option' and are hidden from the Company Roster in the User Tools section. It presents all available information for these users, even those who ordinarily have information hidden. You may also view inactive users if desired, and can download the full_company_roster.csv report.

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How to Use the Company Roster

  • Click the Name, Contact Info or Status column heading to change the order in which people on the roster are sorted.

  • The Results per Page can be changed if you want to see a larger or smaller number of users on a page.

  • Click the Download Spreadsheet to download a report on everyone in your company who is involved in the organization. This full_company_roster.csv file can be opened by any spreadsheet application.

  • Use the search tools at the top of the form to find a specific user or retrieve everyone who has a certain Contact Type (e.g., 'Primary Contact').

  • Click the Edit link to view and modify this user's information.

  • If a user is Active, you may click the Deactivate link to change this user's Status to 'Inactive' and instantly revoke the user's site access.

  • If a user is Inactive, you may click the Activate link to change this user's Status to 'Active' and restore site access.

  • Some organizations allow company administrators to add new users to the Company Roster. If this is the case, an Add User link is displayed at the top of this form.



The full name of a Company Representative.

Contact Info

This user's primary email address. Click on the email address to send an email to this user.


Contact Types assigned to this user. On some sites this also includes User Types. Types indicate what positions a user holds in the organization, and what kind of access the user has.


Indicates whether this user is 'Active' or 'Inactive'. Since 'Inactive' users cannot log into the website, they are usually hidden. The search tool at the top of the form can be used to show or hide users based on their status.

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