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Chapter 154. Manage Email Templates

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Super Admins use the Manage Email Templates tool to view and manage default and custom email templates used in Kavi Members. Email templates can be used by a Scheduled Email that is generated automatically when a certain kind of event occurs, or by an administrator sending template blasts through the Send Template Blast to Company Representatives or Send Template Blast to Users tools.

There are prescheduled default templates that go out when important events occur, such as the email template containing a login link that goes out when a user is added to the Kavi Members database. All email templates and scheduled email are optional and editable so email can be tailored specifically for your organization. Customization of default templates and scheduled email is part of the site setup process. Additional templates can be added as needed.

Templates can include variables that are populated from the Kavi Members database when the email is generated or when you preview the template. Reference information on variables is available in the Email Template Variables Appendix document.

The Manage Email Schedule tool is used to view and customize scheduled email for your organization, and can also be used to add or edit email templates for convenience.

Tool Links

Links to tools used to add, edit or delete email templates are available through the Manage Templates tool. Any template can be edited, but only custom templates can be deleted. Default templates and custom templates that are currently scheduled cannot be deleted, so 'Delete' links are not displayed for these templates. If you want to delete a custom template that is currently in use, see the Delete an Email Template page help.


This tool doesn't include templates managed in other applications, such as Kavi® Billing, Kavi ® Showcase, etc. You can use the Admin Home page to navigate to tools used to manage other application's email templates and schedule. Click the Super Admin link for the application whose email templates or schedule you want to view. The tools in other applications have the same name as their Kavi Members counterparts, so click the link to the Manage Email Templates tool to view that application's templates.

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