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Chapter 161. Manage Fields


The Manage Fields tool is used to view and manage non-default company or user data fields that have been added to your organization's website. If your organization has Kavi Membership, you can also view and manage membership data fields. Click the available links to add, edit, test or delete a data field.

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How to Manage Company Fields

View the field order, label, database variable name, field type and the purposes for which this data is collected. Purpose helps determine which forms and reports the field appears upon, and affects the rules governing data upload. For more details about a data field, click the Edit link.

  • To view one of the company forms with company data fields in place, select the form in the drop-down list, select a purpose and click the Preview button. The form is shown as it would be displayed for companies of this purpose.

  • Add a Data Field

  • Edit a Data Field

  • Delete a Data Field

  • Test a Data Field

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