Kavi® Members Help

Appendix H. Kavi Members Default Roles

These tables include all the roles installed by Kavi Members by default. Since the application requires these roles to function properly, they cannot be deleted or edited.

Note that these tables only include default roles added by Kavi Members. With the exception of Kavi® Groups roles, which are actually added by Kavi Members, the roles listed here do not include default roles installed by other applications, such as Kavi® Billing or Kavi® Showcase.

Table H.1. Kavi Members default roles

Role Name Description Default Types
company_admin The 'company_admin' role grants access to the 'My Company' Area and permission to manage company data and the company roster. This role is most commonly granted by assigning the 'Primary Contact' Contact Type to a Company Representative. Primary Contact (Contact Type)
Editor The 'Editor' role grants access to Kavi® Edit tools and permission to manage editable webpages. Organization Editor (User Type)
member The 'member' role grants access to Member Area tools, such as those used to edit personal account information and change passwords. The 'member' role is typically granted to everyone who has been given an account on the website, including Company Representatives, Individual Members and Individual Nonmembers. Depending on the organization and site configuration, Staff may have the 'member' role or not. This role may be associated with types that are acquired through individual memberships or registration as a nonmember, but is more often inherited through a type assigned to the user's company . Member Area Access (Company Type).
org_admin The 'org_admin' role grants access to Kavi Members Admin Area and Report Area tools for all installed applications. Organization Admin (User Type)
report_admin The 'report_admin' role grants access to the Reports Areas of all installed applications, with permission to run reports, and view and download report data. Report Admin (User Type)
super_admin The 'super_admin' role grants access to the Super Admin Area, Admin Area and Reports Areas and tools for all installed applications, with access to most application databases. The 'super_admin' role is associated with the Super Admin User Type, which can only be assigned by a Kavian or a user who already has the 'super_admin' role. This role should only be granted to administrators who are knowledgeable and need to manage site configuration. Super Admin (User Type)
wg_access The 'wg_access' role grants access to Kavi Groups User tools. Groups Area Access (Company Type)
wg_admin The 'wg_admin' role grants access to Kavi Groups Admininistrators Page and configuration tools. Users with this role (or the 'org_admin' or 'super_admin' roles) can send email to any group's mailing list. There is no default type associated with the 'wg_admin' role, but it can be associated with custom types if the organization wants to have a specialized administrator who has access to Kavi Groups Admin tools, but not the global administrative access that is granted by the 'org_admin' role. None