Kavi® Members Help

Appendix G. Kavi Members Report Types

These tables include all the Report Types available in Kavi Members. Depending on website configuration, you may not see all these types. Membership-related Report Types and fields are only displayed if the membership feature is enabled for the site.

Note that this table includes the Kavi Members Report Types only, and does not include Report Types available in other applications.

Table G.1. Kavi Members default Report Types

Name Description
Company Returns company and company membership data. Company records are displayed one per line. Company memberships are returned as a comma-delimited list.
Company Membership Returns company membership data and company data. Company memberships are displayed one per line, so the same company may appear in more than one line.
Individual Membership Returns individual membership data and user data. Individual memberships are returned as a comma-delimited list.

Returns user data, a limited set of individual membership data (if this organization offers individual memberships) and a limited set of data for the user's company (including Company Membership Type). User records are displayed one per line. Individual memberships are returned as a comma-delimited list.

This Report Type returns the broadest data set of all Report Types. While this makes reports based on this type extremely versatile, the reports can also be resource-intensive to run, so you may want to create a variety of targeted reports that query and return a more restricted set of data for your routine reports, and reserve the default User Data Report for those times when you need data that can't be retrieved through one of your routine reports.

Account Signup

Retrieves data from the tables that store pending company representative data from signup forms. This Report Type is only available for organizations that grant company accounts. It is particularly relevant for organizations that moderate company representative signup.

The records in these tables are not part of the regular Kavi Members database and these users do not yet have Kavi Members accounts. When the company representative is approved and given a Kavi Members account, their record is deleted from the pending tables. If the representative's company is deleted, or if the representative's application is rejected, the record is deleted from the pending tables.

Groups Retrieves a comma-delimited list of all Kavi Groups groups to which a user belongs. The data also includes user and company data.