KaviŽ Members Help

Part I. Kavi Members Concepts and How-tos

Learn how to get the most from Kavi Members tools, including explanation of underlying concepts plus instructions on how to manage and configure the member-management component of Kavi Workspace.

Table of Contents

1. Member Management for Your Organization's Website
Introduction to Kavi Members
Your Personal Account
Are You a Company Representative?
Are You a Company Administrator?
Are You an Organization Administrator?
Sharing Information
Assigning Access to Users
2. Managing Companies and Users
The Broad Definition of "Company"
Search Tips
3. Addresses
Kavi Workspace Addresses
Address Data and Standard Formats
Your Address
Your Company's Address
Address Fields
Billing Account Information
Address Formats, Variations and Data Entry Rules
Address Examples
4. Managing Addresses
Address Configuration
How to Use Super Admin Address Configuration Tools
Address Variables in Reports and Email Templates
Uploading Address Information
5. Purpose
What is Purpose?
Company Purposes and User Purposes
User Purpose Corresponds to Company Purpose
6. Rosters and Directories
What Are Rosters and Directories?
Member Directories
Uses for Member Rosters and Directories
Member Roster and Directory Configuration
7. Logging
Logs and Activity Histories
Activity Histories
User and Company Logs
Full Activity Log
What Gets Logged
8. How to Configure Kavi Members
The Importance of Correct Configuration
Comprehensive and Detailed Requirements
Scoping the Site Setup Process
Installing Kavi Members
Step 1: Organizational Properties and the Signup Process
Step 2: Privacy Options
Step 3: Roles and Types
Step 4: Membership
Add Custom Fields
Step 5: Schedule Email
Step 6: Data Migration
9. Accepted Domains
Accepted Domain Checking
What Is an Accepted Domain?
Advantages and Limitations of Domain Checking
How Domain Matching Works
Configuring Accepted Domains
Tips for Administrators
Troubleshooting Accepted Domains
10. User and Company Privacy Options
How Kavi Members helps support your privacy policy
What is a privacy policy?
Standard privacy policy elements
Configuring Kavi Members to support your organization's privacy policy
Privacy Preferences
How to Hide All Rosters
Privacy policy and preferences
Limitations of privacy policy support
11. Access
Interlocking Security Features
Built-In Access Areas
The Big Picture
12. Status, Activation and Deletion
'Active' and 'Inactive' Status
Deactivation Versus Deletion
Deactivating Members
Deleting members
13. Roles
Introduction to Roles
Roles Are Like Keys
Roles Are Conferred through Types
Roles and Access
Assigned Types, User Role Cache and Access
Default Roles Installed by Kavi Members
14. Types: Company, User and Contact Types
What Are Types?
How Types Are Used in Kavi Members
Introduction to the Types
Type Categories
How Types Are Assigned and Revoked
15. Company Types
What Are Company Types?
Company Type Categories
Default Company Types
Additional Company Types
How Company Types Are Assigned
Viewing and Managing Company Types
Adding a Company Type
16. Contact Types
Default Contact Types
Additional Contact Types
How Contact Types Are Assigned
Viewing and Managing Contact Types
Adding a Contact Type
17. User Types
User Type Categories
Default User Types
Additional User Types
How User Types Are Assigned
Viewing and Managing User Types
Adding a User Type
18. How to Manage Access
Managing User Access
Deciphering Your Website's Access Controls
Analyzing a User's Access Privileges
How to Add Access
How to Revoke Access
Tips for Maintaining Proper Access Levels
19. Company Representative Signup
Company Representatives
Company Representative Accounts
Company Representative Signup Processes
How to View Company Representative Signup Configuration
20. Scheduled Email
What Is Scheduled Email?
Scheduled Email Components
Email Templates
What Is this Email About?
The Zen of 'When'
How to Determine What Email Is Generated by an Event
21. How to Schedule Email
The Basic Process
Tips for Scheduling Email
Nonparticipating User Tickler: Invitation to Participate
Member Notice: Last Chance Renewal Reminder
Moderator Notice: Company Rep Moderation Reminder
Admin Notice: Successful Membership Renewal
22. Using Website Tools to Send Email Manually
Why Send Email through Website Tools?
Template Blast Tools
Send Simple Email
23. How to Add Records through Upload Data
Before You Begin
Other Documentation
Special Instructions for Site Setup
Rules for Add Actions
Adding Companies
Add Users
24. How to Edit and Delete Records through Upload Data
Before You Begin
Other Documentation
Preparing a Mixed-Action Data File
Rules for Edit Actions
Edit Companies
Edit Users
Troubleshooting Upload Data Edit Errors
Rules for Delete Actions
Delete Companies
Delete Users
25. How to Add Memberships through Upload Data
Processing Rules
File Preparation
Example 1: Add Companies with Existing Memberships
Example 2: Edit Companies to Add Historical Memberships
26. How to Change Purpose
Why Is Change So Hard?
Purpose Change Tools
Supported Company Purpose Changes
Supported User Purpose Changes
Using Upload Data to Change Purpose
27. Creating Custom Reports in Report Builder
The Report Builder
Report Types
How to Add a Report
How Report Admins Use Reports
Tips for the Report Builder
Report Builder Examples
28. Kavi Membership
General Approaches to Membership
Basic Membership Structures and Processes
How Types Are Assigned through Membership
29. Membership Workflow
What Is Workflow?
The Administrator's Role in the Membership Workflow
Basic Membership Workflow
Workflow State Definitions
Your Organization's Membership Workflow
Tips for Managing and Moderating Memberships
Membership Workflow State Messages
30. Membership Configuration Overview
Configuring Membership Structure and Processes
Requirements Definition
Is this a Company-based or Individual-based Organization?
Membership Application Forms
Adding Companion User Types or Company Types
Membership Type Configuration
31. Membership Application Processes
Membership Acquisition Rules
Steps in the Membership Application Process
How to Determine the Status of a Membership Application
Where to Find Your Organization's Membership Processes
Public Applications, Self-Renewals, Auto-Renewals and Administrator-Managed Memberships
32. Membership Renewal
Membership Renewal Defined
How to Renew Memberships
When Can a Membership Be Renewed?
How Renewal Affects State and Type
Managing Membership Renewal
33. Membership Auto-Renewal
How the Auto-Renewal Process Works
Configuring Auto-Renewal
How Opt-Outs Work
34. Billed Memberships
Integration with KaviŽ Billing
Billed Membership Workflow Configuration
Membership Fees, Proration, Refunds and Cancellations
Configuring Membership Fees and Proration
35. End-of-Membership Processes
Membership Expiration and Archiving
Viewing End-of-Membership Configuration
Configuring the Expiration Options
How Expiring Memberships Affect Users