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Chapter 44. Choose a New Username and Password


You are taken to this form when you click a login link that you've received via email. Users who are new to the website receive their login link in a Welcome email. Users who have forgotten their password and clicked the Password Help link on the login page receive a Password Requested email with a login link. When you click this link, you are logged in automatically and taken to this tool.

Once you've clicked a login link, it immediately expires and cannot be reused, so now that you are here, you must set a new password. As soon as you exit this page you will need your new password to login, so be sure to keep a copy handy.

New users might also want to change the auto-assigned username, especially if you go by a nickname. Your username is how everyone on the website will recognize you. The auto-assigned usernames generally take the form 'firstname.lastname', so if your full name is 'Oliver Wendell Holmes' and everyone knows you by your middle name 'Wendell', you could change 'oliver.holmes' to 'wendell.holmes' or possibly just 'wendell'.


Login links can also expire if too much time passes before they are used (usually about a week). If you weren't able to set a password successfully, click the Password Help link on the Home or Login page to request a new login link.

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How to Choose a New Username and Password

Enter a new password and/or username and click Save. Use your new password and username the next time you login.

Change Your Password

Usernames must be between 6 and 25 characters long and cannot contain any of these special characters:

#, @, ?, |, /

You must enter the same exact password twice to change your password. Passwords are case-sensitive (i.e., the software views a lowercase 'a' and an uppercase 'A' as two different characters).


A more secure password would be at least 8 characters long and use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, plus numerals. Avoid passwords based on dictionary words, your name, email address, or a password you use for another site. Remember to change your password on a regular basis.

Change Your Username

You are welcome to change the auto-assigned username, especially if everyone knows you by a different name. Once you've been on the site a while, changing your name will make it more difficult for others to recognize the new you, but there are circumstances where you may want to make a change (e.g., marriage, etc).

A username is assigned to you by default. Many people keep their pre-assigned username, which is usually a simple concatination of your first and last name. If you want to create a personalized username, you may do so now. It must be at least 4 characters long, and cannot be more than 20 characters long. You may use a nickname or other memorable moniker, but be sure it represents you as you'd like others to view you, since you username is displayed to the organization membership in many places throughout the system, but especially in email. As in passwords, special characters are disallowed (e.g., #, @, ?, |, /).


You've just set your new password and username, and can use them to login.

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