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Chapter 45. View Access Configuration


Company administrators can use the View Access Configuration tool to view the organization's Contact Types so they can determine what kinds of access privileges are associated with each type. For more information, see Contact Types in the Concepts documents.

Roles confer access privileges and users acquire roles by being assigned types associated with roles. A role can be conceptualized as a key, and a type may confer a set of roles (rather like a ring of keys) on a user. A user may be assigned more than one type, and may have been granted a ring of keys for each of these types. The user's access level is the sum total of all the roles they have in their role cache (all the keys from all their key rings).

When a type is revoked from a user, any roles assigned through that type are also revoked (like taking away one key ring), but the user may still have roles through other types assigned to them.

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Contact Types

View Contact Types and roles assigned through these types to determine what kinds of access each type confers. Users acquire role your company representatives.

You can look up default types and roles in Contact Types in the appendix.

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