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Chapter 106. Renew a Company Membership


Use the Renew a Company Membership tool to renew a company's membership. The membership being renewed is usually current, but expired memberships can also be renewed. The new membership type doesn't have to be the same type as the old membership. You may opt to send the membership through the normal automated membership process, or manually set a specific start date and expedite any moderation or billing steps.

If the membership being renewed (old membership) has expired, the renewed membership (new membership) may go current immediately (assuming it is automatically or manually approved). If the company and its representatives were deactivated or had site access privileges revoked through removal of types, site access is restored as soon as the renewed membership becomes current.

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How to Renew a Company Membership

Depending on the path you took to this tool, you may have already performed the Search and Select steps. For tips on searching, see the page help for the Manage a Company tool.


Review information about this company's most recent membership, including the membership type and term. Click to select the type of membership this member wants to use when renewing. This may be the same type as the old membership or not.

Membership Fields Description
Membership Type The name of this membership type.
Fee If Kavi® Billing is installed and this membership type has a fee, then the fee for this membership is displayed in this field.
Duration The duration of a membership is the length of time that the membership term lasts. If 'Auto-renewing' appears in parentheses, this membership type is set to auto-renew.
Select Click the membership you want to select.
Start Date Leave these values set to their defaults to have the Start Date set automatically when the membership is approved and goes current. You can manually set the Start Date to a specific date if you want to override the date that would have been set automatically.


The membership you selected is displayed. Review and manage the process for a moderated or fee-based membership type.

Membership Process Option Description
Approve Membership This section is displayed if this membership type requires moderator approval. Set whether you would like the membership to be automatically approved or to be sent to the moderation queue. If automatically approved, the membership goes to the 'Approved' state and bypasses the moderation queue. If membership bills are paid and there are no rules that prevent the membership start date from being set to the current date, the membership goes to the 'Current' state and the user can login immediately. If sent for moderation, the membership remains in the moderation queue until approved by an administrator.

If Kavi® Billing is installed and this membership type has a fee, then the billing information for this membership is displayed in this field:

'Yes, issue a bill for this member to pay'

Select this option if you would like this membership to go through the regular billing process.

'No receipt needed. Add this member without issuing a bill.'

Select this option if you would like to skip the billing process.

Activity Note Add an Activity Note to this company's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, so they become a part of the Company Activity History, which is only viewable through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools.

Send Email

This page displays all the email scheduled to go out for the actions you've just performed.

Email will NOT go out unless you set the 'Send Email' option to 'Yes'. Enable any messages that you do want to go out. You may edit these messages if desired. Membership email is sent out when the membership goes current.


You have just renewed this company's membership and the information is displayed for you to review. This membership is probably in a pending state, as indicated in the 'Membership State' field. If you would like to see whether automated email notification of this membership renewal is scheduled, see the View Email Schedule tool.

Click the Membership Status Page link if you would like to see the Membership Status page. This page is displayed in a new window, so you can copy the URL and email it to the member. Since the Membership Status page is in the Public Area, the user doesn't need login privileges to visit this page where they can pay any membership bills and monitor the status of their membership.

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